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Current State of Pitt Football Recruiting

Current State of Pitt Football Recruiting

Pitt received some bad news today as Massachusetts tight end Jay Symonds dropped his season long pledge to Pitt and instead announced he’d be committing to Stanford.

How big of a blow is this?

Honestly, it’s more of an image blow and an issue for fans than the severity of the loss. Symonds is a nice player but Pitt has good depth at the tight end position.

The bigger weekend loss was Virginia’s Cole Beck who selected hometown Virginia Tech.  By the look of Pitt’s current underachieving backfield, Shawn Watson could have used Beck.

Pat Narduzzi currently has 13 verbal commitments, where do they go from here?

The biggest and most important player on Pitt’s recruiting board all year has been and continues to be Kwantel Raines.

Tonight, PSN has some new information on the 4-star safety.

PSN has learned that Raines, who will make his decision on October 30, will make two more visits before deciding. Raines will visit Penn State on October 21 and will make a final visit to West Virginia on October 28.

Is this bad news for Pitt? I don’t believe so. Raines has visited Pitt more than any school and knows everything he needs to know about Narduzzi’s program.

Rumors have surfaced that West Virginia is the odds on favorite for Raines but I was told tonight that isn’t true and that he hasn’t made a final decision.

With the loss of Beck and Symonds, who are Pitt’s top remaining targets?

TJ Banks (East Allegheny HS): For a long time, many expected this 4-Star talent to eventually sign with Pitt. However, after Pitt got commitments from two tight ends, the recruitment of Banks ended.

Will the de-commitment of Symonds bring Banks back into the picture? As of tonight, I’m told that Pitt hasn’t been in contact with Banks. I also believe the ship with him might’ve sailed and don’t know if Banks has any interest in the Panthers anymore.

Some names to consider and that we’ll be following are: Tyler Bentley, Cadarius Gaskin, Parker Devine, Emeka Nwanze and Uchenna Ezewike.

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This is awesome, do you believe the stuff you write? 6 weeks ago Pitt had the best rb depth in the history of football, now they need beck haha.
Te depth is so awesome pitt is starting a grad xfr from Rutgers, that’s Rutgers with an R! So who cares about the decommit yet 2 sentences later you bring up banks, another te.
here’s the state of recruiting, it absolutely stinks, period.

Rich J

Pitt recruiting is horrible year after year. We are at the bottom nationally and in the ACC. I think we are 11th or 12th in the ACC wow Vuk you been hanging with the o-line coach in Miami. tHIS TEAM, THESE PLAYERS, THESE COACHES, are not getting the job done

Don W

How many Wpial players have they added in the past two years?


I heard the same rumors about Raines and WVU with
Devon Henry being there. Also, Penn State is
making a late charge. One would hope a Pitt season
in turmoil isn’t a factor, but….


Penn state has no room for Raines at this time, don’t get yourself all excited and plan a spin to make people believe pitt or wvu get a recruiting win here, more fakenews from the yinzer bluesky report.


Raines isnt a take at PSU, they dont have room for him


He isn’t a take at Psu. They dont have room.


Hey Vuk – is everything with recruiting fine like you said in June? Relax you told us, right?

60th ranked recruiting class on 247Composite. Get a fvcking clue man. This class is at a ‘Cuse, Wake Forest, Boston College level (even if Raines commits to Pitt).

PGH Sports Now

It’s ranked low because they only have 13 recruits. Pitt’s average recruit is rated as an 85, Virginia Tech’s is an 86 and they have the “4rd best” class in the AP. I’m sure the coaching staff is really losing sleep over what 247 arbitrarily decides.

Johnny Oakland

Tech has 9 prospects rated higher (and more heavily pursued) than our top prospect.

Spin that one for me.

PGH Sports Now

They’re not all more heavily pursued and literally no one cares about a 1 point difference in ratings.

Johnny Oakland

They have more highly rated prospects than us. Period.

And with a likely 9-10 win season on the way I’d expect more to come their way in the next 3-4 months.


Vuk, historically, how does a season like we are having impact recruiting. I heard some say it really doesn’t have much impact when coaches can offer immediate playing time when the current players are underperforming.

As of right now, it appears Raines is not a take at psu. They are going hard after 3 elite DE prospects who are all too 100 players. Right now most think WVU will be the choice, and it may be a good fit for him with the d they play. He is kind of a tweener between an OLB and safety. It won’t be a good look if/when Narduzzi loses him, as he is one of the top players locally, but what can you do? There is no doubt recruiting has been a big disappointment since June. The staff… Read more »

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