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Last night I tweeted that I’d be stunned if Jamie Dixon left Pitt for TCU and that I still think he’s staying at Pitt.  I’m changing my opinion on this developing story.   I’d still be stunned but this thing has a realistic chance of happening.

Last night, Carlos Mendez the TCU beat writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported last night that “the sides were closing in on a deal and that Dixon was trying to assemble a staff with Texas ties.”


Earlier this morning, Mendez tweeted “Dixon is indeed TCU’s first choice however some issues still remain.  Will be done in the next couple of days one way or the other.”

I’m being told by a source in Texas that “it will get done if the money is right.  They couldn’t do it four years ago.”

Speaking of money, let’s take a look at what it would approximately take on TCU’s side.

Buyout:  Dixon has 7 years remaining on his contract, with a reported buyout of $1.4 million per year.  That wouls mean TCU would have to come up with nearly $10 million ($9.8 million).

New Contract: Dixon will want a 5 or 6 year contract in the neighborhood of $3.5 million per year.   So let’s say it’s 5 years for $3.5 million, that comes to $17.5 million.

Total Package:  $9.8 million plus $17.5 million = $27.3 million.  Would TCU be willing to pay nearly $30 million to hire Dixon?


This morning, I was told by 2 reliable sources in Pittsburgh that this is as close as Dixon as ever been to actually leaving Pitt.

At this point it’s now about money and not about Dixon’s willingness to leave Pitt.

I will continue to update this throughout the day.

UPDATE (12:15 PM)-
I’ve just been told by a reliable source that an announcement for Jamie Dixon/TCU could come later today or tomorrow.   Stay tuned.

UPDATE (12:49 PM)-
Source tells me that we should get a decision from Jamie Dixon “in a few hours”

UPDATE (1:17 PM)-
I just talked to someone that knows Jamie Dixon very well and that has coached against him in the past.  I asked him if this news surprises him and he told me, “No,  I think he’s closer than he’s ever been (to leaving Pitt).

UPDATE (2:23 PM)-
Some great information from Post-Gazette Pitt beat writer Paul Zeise.

1) Dixon is really considering the offer from TCU but in the end, Zeise doesn’t believe that Dixon will be able to leave Pitt and will decide to stay.

2) Pitt would  agree to negotiate the buyout down with TCU if he wants to leave.

3) Dixon would have complete control over the TCU basketball program (hirings, scheduling, etc) something he doesn’t have right now at Pitt.

For Zeise’s complete story check out:

UPDATE (3:47 PM)-
Being told from a source that a Pitt players meeting is being put together for tonight.   Take that for what it’s worth.



2reliable source

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker

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