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Pat Narduzzi addresses the media (Photo credit: Alan Saunders)

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Pitt-Penn State Week Pat Narduzzi Press Conference

Pitt-Penn State is getting serious.

Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi has locked down his players and coaches for this week, telling the media during his weekly press conference that “I’d like to be the only voice this week”. In other words, no player interviews and no media access to practice.

Coach Narduzzi went on to say:

I’d like to eliminate all distractions so we’re going to close off practice this week to the media. We aren’t going to have our players talk. We’ll have as many guys available after the game as you need Saturday, but this week we’re going to stay locked in and have no distractions. Every minute (of preparation) is important and that’s an attitude for our football team right now to be able to do that. As an old coordinator, I loved when we did that because it got me excited for whatever reason. Our kids don’t know it yet but it’s something I will relay to them tomorrow when we officially meet on Tuesday.

So far, Penn State coach James Franklin made no such restrictions on the media out in Happy Valley.  But it’s bound to be a topic of conversation during Franklin’s press conference later today.

You can watch Coach Narduzzi’s press conference below, or you can just read it instead.

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