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Mike Lewis II Reacts to Firing of Jim Ferry



It can’t be easy for any player to see the coach that recruited him get fired. I’m sure some players feel some sort of responsibility.

I’m guessing it’s even more difficult to deal with for a freshman. After adjusting to leaving home for the first time and learning how to become a student athlete, now having to accept a new head coach can’t be easy.

Duquesne basketball on Pittsburgh Sports Now is sponsored by The Summit Academy: setting young men on the path to a better future.

Setting young men on the path to a better future.

That’s the situation Duquesne star freshman guard Mike Lewis II finds himself in.

Five days after completing his first college basketball season, Lewis found out today that Jim Ferry, the coach that recruited him to Duquesne, has been fired.

(Photo by: David Hague)

“I was definitely kind of shocked. There’s no question that we underperformed this year but I felt that with the guys we had coming back next year and the recruits he had coming in, that they’d give him another chance and another shot,” said Lewis.

“But at the same time, I understand it’s a business. I trust our A.D. and what he has in store for us and we’ll just have to see what happens.”

I’m sure the big question that Duquesne fans have is whether this will have an impact on Lewis, who’s turned into the face of the Dukes basketball program.

(Photo by: David Hague)

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“I’m going to talk to our A.D. as he goes out on the trail and looks for our next head coach and whenever that’s announced, I’ll sit down with him to see what he has planned for us.”

Although nothing is guaranteed and ultimately, it will depend on who Harper hires, it sounds as though Lewis is willing to stick with his commitment to Duquesne.

I spoke with Lewis shortly after the news and he hadn’t yet talked with Ferry, but plans on doing so in the next day or so.

Looking back, what did Lewis like most about his now former coach?

“His honesty from the start. He told me from the beginning that he wouldn’t give me anything and he didn’t. He also knew my potential, knew I was young and that I was going to make mistakes,” said Lewis.

“Also, he was a homebody. Coach was a family oriented guy and so am I. Those were reasons I picked him over other coaches, honesty and the way he treats his family and team.”


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