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2018 QB Matt Valecce Talks About Pitt Offer



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New York 2018 quarterback Matt Valecce received an offer from Pitt last week and appears to be a player that’s rising on their recruiting board.

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Since getting personally scouted by offensive coordinator Shawn Watson before receiving the offer, Valecce (6-foot-5, 205-pounds) has received a second visit from Pitt’s offensive boss.

Yesterday, PSN had a chance to catch up with Valecce to talk about the offer, his feelings on Pitt and other things.

“Prior to the offer, I had been on Pitt’s campus and talked with both Coach Salem, Coach Watson and Coach Narduzzi before and met with them all individually. I knew that they were high on me so I knew that the spring evaluation date that was set would be a big day in my recruitment,” said Valecce.

“After the workout, they said that I verified everything that was determined in the written evaluation and that they were just really impressed with my performance. Coach Narduzzi called me on the phone afterwards and offered me a scholarship to Pitt. It was just a really great moment and a really big day for me.”

Since then, Valecce has been in communication with the Pitt staff in particular Coach Watson.

Courtesy of Matt Valecce

Courtesy of Matt Valecce

“Honestly, I haven’t really met many people in my recruitment that have been nicer or overall just a good guy than Coach Watson, he’s an amazing man. He obviously knows what he’s talking about. Him and I did a long blackboard session when I went there for a visit. I’m really high on Coach Watson and he’s a huge selling point for me with Pitt. He was the reason I was so ecstatic to get the offer.”

“Coach Watson and Coach Narduzzi were two guys that I was so happy that I got a chance to meet and two guys that just blew me out of the water in terms of their overall personality. Those are two guys that are really successful at what they do because their great with people. I’m just happy guys of that nature feel so highly about me,” said Valecce.

Pitt is high on the Bronx (NY) quarterback because of his skill set but Valecce told me two areas of his game that he believes he excels at.

“My intellect. I believe my football IQ is better than most because I take great pride in my work ethic and preparation towards games. Also, my accuracy. I don’t feel their are many quarterbacks more accurate than me.”

“I take pride in that. There are definitely kids more physically talented or athletic than me out there but I think I can compete with anyone in those areas.”

Following the offer from Pitt, Valecce also received ones from Rutgers and Boston College. As more programs become aware and personally see him, expect the offers to continue to roll in.

While it sounds like Valecce is quite high on Pitt and the coaching staff, don’t expect him to make a snap decision on his future home.

“This last week has been a little crazy with the amount of coaches that have come to see me throw and with a couple offers coming in. My parents and I have talked a lot and we want to take this process with due diligence and want to weigh out all of our options and have time to analyze everything that’s happened in the last couple of weeks and what might happen before the end of the spring evaluation period,” said Valecce.

“We just don’t want to rush something that’s this big especially something that’s going to effect me the rest of my life. I’m not going to take this process lightly. We’re happy to have all the stresses that come with making this decision but it’s something that we have to take with care.”

As far as any upcoming visits, Valecce tells me that he’s don’t planned any yet because his entire focus is on the spring evaluation period — which runs until the last week in May — baseball and his school work.



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