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Pitt’s Alex Bookser Arrested

Pitt’s Alex Bookser Arrested

Some very bad news for Pat Narduzzi and the Pitt program.

According to reports, Pitt offensive lineman Alex Bookser was arrested on Sunday and is facing a number of charges included driving under the influence.

According to the police report, Bookser has also facing charges of reckless driving, an accident involving damage to an attended vehicle, failure to drive at a safe speed, failure to obey stop signs or yield signs and operating a vehicle without an official certificate.

According to Channel 11 News, Bookser was pulled out of his car at gunpoint by police.

Within the hour, Pitt head coach Pat Naurduzi released this statement.

“We are extremely disappointed in the circumstances Alex put himself in, and others, because of his poor decision making. He has expressed to me his extreme regret an disappointment in himself. Alex understands the importance of accountability when a mistake of this gravity is made. We are committed, as is Alex, to ensuring his actions and judgement will be better moving forward.”

How long will Narduzzi decide to suspend Bookser?

Bookser played in all 13 games for the Panthers as a redshirt freshman. Last season, the Mt. Lebanon native started every game and was named to the ACC All-Academic Football Team.


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Public records show he was arrested once before for public drunbkeness. Sounds like he has a drinking problem.


So if the guy got drunk more than once, he’s automatically got a drinking problem? No, it sounds like he’s a college kid. This latest thing with DUI is bad and shows some real questionable judgment. But a public drunkenness charge for a college kid? Let’s be honest for most of them that just means they were unlucky enough that there was a cop around. Otherwise there would be hundreds of arrests every single weekend on every college campus in America.

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