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High-Flying JUCO Forward Kwintin Williams on Pitt’s Radar



Kevin Stallings and staff are pursing in number of 2017 and 2018 prospects. A player that recently received attention from the Panthers is 2017 Arizona Western College forward Kwintin Williams (6-foot-7 inches, 225 pounds).

Williams has been a bit of a vagabond. He was a partial qualifier out of high school and ultimately ended up at Pima Community College. Following Pima CC, he transferred to Arizona Western College. After extensive work to improve academically and athletically, he’s searching for a permanent home.

“Coach (Dan) Cage called me a few days ago. I spoke with Coach (Sam) Ferry as well,” said Williams. “They told me they are really interested and they really think that I could fit their style of play and make an immediate impact. I can bring a little bit of experience to the floor as well.”

“(Pitt) has a couple freshman coming in, very talented from what I’ve heard, but I have a higher experience level and if you look at my age, maturity on the floor.”

The 6-foot-7 inch, 225 pound forward is a versatile and dynamic athlete. When asked if he has a specific position, he stated, “(Pitt) wants me to play a stretch three perimeter and four. I have a 44-inch vertical. It translates on all levels and it’s something I carry with me everywhere I go.”

Williams was originally destined to play for the University of Oregon until he was held back by academics. To improve his academic standing, he moved to Tucson, AZ, home of Pima Community College. He flourished at the school averaging 18 points and 8.4 rebounds per game. Eventually he was recruited by Sean Miller at the University of Arizona and nearly signed with them. Williams then had a change of heart. He decided to head out to Arizona Western to play junior college basketball at the highest level and place a strong focus on academics.

When asked about his strengths, he stated, “I bring a, very, very, very high energy. I would have an immediate impact on rebounding as well. I can finish anything that’s around the rim as well. They can expect at least 5 to 6 dunks per game.”

(Editors note: Speaking of dunking…)

A number of schools are interested in Williams. Ole Miss, Washington State, Oregon, Portland State, UNLV, Texas and Illinois have expressed interest and he has received scholarship offers from TCU, Portland State and UNLV. Pitt is highly interested but they have yet to officially offer a scholarship.

“I just finished an official visit with Portland State. I think I’m going to TCU as well,” he said. “University of Oregon and Texas may receive a visit based on interest. I get a lot of interest and phone calls, but I’ve got to really move forward in the recruiting process. As fast as Pitt, Coach Cage told me that they’re going to come after us a little more aggressive than everybody else. So they’re trying to get it done.”

If he were to accept an offer from Pitt, he would be asked to step in as an upperclassmen and lead. Is he prepared for the challenge? “Yes, I am. I always encourage my teammates with my level of play and the energy I bring to the table,” he said. “I’m sure they’ll feed off of that and create something different, create something special on the floor with the guys.”

“I’m going to call Coach Cage soon. I’m excited about the opportunity at Pitt. It’s basketball at the highest level in the ACC conference.”

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