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Mark Alstork Talks Final 4 and Final Decision



The official visits are over and now it’s time for Wright State star transfer Mark Alstork to make his decision.

In the last couple of days, the highly sought after transfer took his sixth and final visit and last night, Alstork narrowed his list of finalists from six down to four.

Last night, PSN had a chance to talk to Alstork about his Final Four and why those schools made the cut.

“It was very difficult to eliminate two schools. At the beginning of this process, I gave each of these coaches my word that I’d come and see what their school was about and do my due diligence in looking at their program. As I went through the process with my family, I cut two schools out and I’m down to a final four,” said Alstork.

South Carolina:Β “Coach Frank Martin is a phenomenal guy. Him and his staff did a great job bringing me and made things relaxed and enjoyable. I think Coach Martin is big family person and takes his players in as his own kids. I feel like that’s why he has a lot of love and a lot of passion for coaching and his players. Coach Martin’s leadership and family like atmosphere is something that caught my eye with South Carolina.”

LSU: “They have a unique way of looking at the game of basketball, ways that you just don’t expect. Β That really caught my eye. I felt they have a good plan there and think they’re one or two pieces away from being a NCAA tournament team. The coaches there are phenomenal and the energy level, passion and swag about them, I liked that.”

Illinois: “The fan base is crazy. The opportunity to play minutes. I’d be able to show my leadership skills and able to mentor some of the younger guys. Coach Underwood has one of the top offenses every year and he has phenomenal assistants. The entire staff just really made me feel comfortable.”

Pitt: “They’ve all been very loyal. They’ve been calling, texting since day one. I really believe they want the best for me and they have a plan for me. They have faith and belief in me. Coach Kevin Stallings is a great X and O’s guy and knows how to get his players looks. They just have a great vibe there and a level of comfort when you’re around them. You just feel good about basketball with them.”

“All these schools just took me in and were real with me. I truly appreciate each and every one of them. This is going to be one of the hardest decisions I ever make just because I have to tell some of these people no. I wish I part of me could go to each and everyone one of them but I know it can’t be like that.”

The original plan was for Alstork to announce his decision tomorrow but because of how difficult this is, he might wait another day or two to figure things out.

“I’m thinking about possibly pushing my date back a couple of days just to give me a day or two to think and really get a path from God. I’m going to pray, go to church on Sunday and allow him to give me the signs,” said Alstork.

“My mom and brother are going to pick their schools for me and I’ll see what they have to say and see which school they think would be best for me and I’ll take that into consideration and then I’ll make up my mind as to what I think.”

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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