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Donovan Jeter with Pat Narduzzi at Pitt Junior Day (Photo credit: Gar Bercury)


Flashback: Looking Back at the WPIAL’s Top Prospects

Flashback: Looking Back at the WPIAL’s Top Prospects

A week from tonight, Aliquippa star Kwantel Raines will make his much-anticipated college decision which got me to think about another topic.

Although the volume of elite prospects has dropped over the last 10-15 years, the WPIAL still produces a lot of FBS football talent.

Raines will join players like Phil Jurkovic (Notre Dame), TJ Banks (West Virginia), Ronnie Stevenson (Temple), Devin Danielson (Pitt), Jake Kradel (Pitt), Noah Palmer (Pitt), Blake Zubovic (Pitt), James Gmiter (West Virginia), David Green (Pitt), Marcus Hooker (Ohio State), Julian Major (Michigan State) and Derek Devine (Virginia), (forgive me if I missed a player or two) who will be joining D-1 programs next year.

The question now is which of these 2017 WPIAL standouts will turn into future NCAA stars?

Considering the track record of talent Western Pennsylvania has produced the odds are someone will emerge.

The WPIAL has produced countless D-1 athletes over the last 6-7 years. Who are the Top 15 WPIAL players during that time span?

I’m sure this will be debated but here are 15 names that PSN has come up with. We’re not going to put these in order but that’s something we’re going to ask you the readers to do. Leave a comment afterwards and rank your Top 5 players in order.

  • Rushel Shell, RB, Hopewell (Pitt)
  • Tyler Boyd, WR, Clairton (Pitt)
  • Robert Foster, WR, Central Valley (Alabama)
  • Montae Nicholson, S, Gateway (Michigan State)
  • Jordan Whitehead, S, Central Valley (Pitt)
  • Dravon Henry, CB, Aliquippa (West Virginia)
  • Miles Sanders, RB, Woodland Hills (Penn State)
  • Damar Hamlin, CB, Central Catholic (Pitt)
  • Paris Ford, S, Steel Valley (Pitt)
  • Khaleke Hudson, S, McKeesport (Michigan)
  • Chase Winovich, LB, Thomas Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson)
  • Dorian Johnson, G, Belle Vernon (Pitt)
  • Lamont Wade, CB, Clairton (Penn State)
  • David Adams, QB, Central Catholic (Notre Dame)
  • Donovan Jeter, DT, Beaver Falls (Michigan)


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Out of HS, Foster and Shell would have been no brainers. It is a shame their college careers have not been as successful.


you have to go with the ones that are currently producing or have produced 1.boyd 2. Nicholson 3. Johnson 4. whitehead 5. winowich & Hudson (tie).

Johhny Oakland
Johhny Oakland

Based on college production since ’13 class –

1. Tyler Boyd (Clairton ’13, Pitt)
2. Jordan Whitehead (Central Valley ’15, Pitt)
3. Dorian Johnson (Belle Vernon ’13, Pitt)
4. Montae Nicholson (Gateway ’14, Pitt)
5. Chase Winovich (Thomas Jefferson ’14, Michigan) OR Dravon Henry (Aliquippa ’14, WVU)

Based on potential (college frosh or soph) –

1. Miles Sanders (Woodland Hills ’16, PSU)
2. Paris Ford (Seton LaSalle ’17, Pitt)
3. Lamont Wade (Clairton ’17 PSU)
4. CJ Thorpe (Central Catholic ’17, PSU)
5. Damar Hamlin (Central Catholic ’16, Pitt)

Rich J
Rich J

6 out of 15 is not anything to be proud of in your own backyard.

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