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One Week From Kwantel Raines’ Decision Day

One Week From Kwantel Raines’ Decision Day

The decision that Pitt fans and frankly many college football fans have been waiting for will happen one week from today.

Aliquippa 4-star safety Kwantel Raines will make his college decision next Monday.

The question is will it be Pitt, Penn State, West Virginia, Florida or Kentucky?

The speculation for the last few weeks is that West Virginia is the front-runner to land Raines. However, much of that talk could be based on one report that had Raines heading to Morgantown.

It’s impossible to know if that’s accurate because Raines is very private and doesn’t showcase himself on social media like many other recruits.

Courtesy of Mike Vukovcan

What we do know is that Raines was in State College over the weekend for the Penn State-Michigan game and will be in Morgantown Saturday for West Virginia’s game against Oklahoma State.

Last week, Raines told PSN that we would be making a visit during the week to see Pat Narduzzi and the Pitt program. Will this talk with Narduzzi have any impact on him?

To say Raines is a priority recruit for Pitt is vastly understating things. He’s been Natduzzi’s top priority for the last two years and missing out on him would be a killer.

A year after losing out on Donovan Jeter and Lamont Wade, Pitt has rebounded by landing local targets Jake Kradel, Devin Danielson, Blake Zubovic and Noah Palmer but landing Raines would make their Class of 2018 a success.

Will it happen? We’ll find out one week from today.


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Johnny Oakland

WVU unfortunately.

In fact, if PSU had a spot available he would be going there (which would of been worse).


Only chance Narduzzi has is convince to him he has a good chance to be on the same path to the NFL that Whitehead is if he commits to Pitt. Not sure that bit of logic will convince him as Raines watches Paris Ford ride the sidelines while Narduzzi pitched him on that same point.


Hard to recruit against that atmosphere at PSU last weekend..

Ryan K

PSU will keep him nice and warm if one of their final picks doesn’t land. I’m guessing this is WVU all the way.


he isn’t going to uf, psu doesn’t have room for him, at least not right now, and unless he really likes playing irrelevant games in front of bright yellow empty seats he probably won’t play for the pitty panthers.

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