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The Impact of Today’s Transfers on Pitt’s Recruiting

The Impact of Today’s Transfers on Pitt’s Recruiting

A big question surrounding Pitt’s remaining recruiting for their Class of 2018 has been answered.

Despite not having any scholarships available, the Pitt coaches continued to recruit high level kids. Where were they going to find room to fit them under their scholarship limit?

Today, that questioned was answered when four players reportedly have decided to transfer.

Defensive end Kaezon Pugh, linebacker Henry Miller, defensive tackle Kam Carter and defensive back Malik Henderson reportedly have decided to play elsewhere this coming season.

How many available scholarships does Pat Narduzzi and his staff now have to work with?

Here’s the latest breakdown

  • 10 players graduated from last year’s team.
  • 10 other players have left the team via transfer or early entry into the NFL Draft (Thomas MacVittie, Ben DiNucci, Chawntez Moss, Jordan Whitehead, Brian O’Neill, Quadree Henderson, Henry Miller, Kaezon Pugh, Kam Carter, Malik Henderson).
  • 17 players signed early with Pitt in December as part of their Class of 2018.

That means Pitt currently has three available scholarships for February but that number could increase with more departures.

Now the question is who could fill those remaining spots?

Pittsburgh Sports Now has confirmed 3 official visitors for January.

Other players that we know that Pitt is actively recruiting but that we haven’t confirmed a date yet for an official visit.

  • 3-star LB Kolin Demens (Detroit, Michigan)
  • 4-star WR Dominick Watt (Hollywood, Florida)
  • 4-star TE/DE Leonard Taylor (Springfield, Ohio)
  • 3-star DE Jaevon Becton (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
  • 3-star DE Kamar Mimes (Long Branch, New Jersey)

Considering the talent that I just listed, my guess would be that Pitt will be taking as many as five players come February. The question now is who will those players be?


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These kids realized they made a mistake, good for them for cutting bait and getting the heck out of that cesspool.

PGH Sports Now



Uh, yeah…..or they just couldn’t get on the field? You are an idiot.


PSU fans have trouble with understanding things! Maybe just maybe they left because they were not playing!


Been Pitt fan over 60 yrs, and it looks like HC is not bringing-in quality kids and demoralizing kids there. Since he took over he continues to look for quick fixes instead of showing confidence in your kids and coaching them up. Paul Christ raised-up the program and PN hasn’t improved it.

Clark Martineau

Wrong, wrong. Pinhead, Chryst didn’t have half of Nardog’s coaching ability.

Really shouldn’t resond to your classless remarks, but..PC has elevated a good Wis program. Nardy’s first 2 yr success was with PC recruits. Had PC stayed we would have won 10 games 2 yr ago and had winning seasons each year and gone bowling. PC had no budget to get better asst coaches, yet he brought respect and pride by bringing in good character kids and coaching them up. Look at what he did with Voyko, and Nardy basically gave him no shot at holding his position. PC groomed a tremendous off line for us, and if you look at… Read more »

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