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Mychale Salahuddin: A Special Player With a Long-Term Focus



Mychale Salahuddin is a big talent and a player that appears to have a bright future ahead of him on the field.

This is a player that’s not only athletically gifted but also is very intelligent and doesn’t think like the average teenager.

Most athletes in his position are just thinking about today.but not Salahuddin. This 17-year old has his sights set on not only creating a legacy for himself on the field but also after football, trying to provide for his family and to make his hometown and high school proud.

After making his decision to sign with Pat Narduzzi and Pitt, PSN was fortunate enough to have a chance to talk to Salahuddin about his college choice and also about his maturity, where it comes from and why long-term goals are important to him.

Courtesy of Mychale Salahuddin

“Life after football was a major, major part of my decision-making process because football can be over any day so you have to weigh your options and think of a plan that can be just as successful off the field. Life after football was a major reason factor in me selecting Pitt,” said Salahuddin.

I asked the future Pitt running back where he got this mindset from?

“It definitely came from my mother and from within my household. My entire family is very educated and has a lot of history to it. Their strength, guidance and will power are definitely motivators for me to try to better my personal situation, to better my family’s situation and try to change the image that the young African-American culture currently has. I’m definitely trying to put forth the best effort and best image of myself as possible.”

Aside from making his family proud, it’s very obvious that making his high school, Woodson HD, proud and to put them in a positive spotlight is also a priority for Salahuddin.

“Woodson is definitely a tradition and a powerhouse. When college coaches come to DC, we’re their first stop. When they come see the guys we have and the athletes, we have to produce. Not only must we be A1 on the field but we also have to be A1 in the classroom too.”

This was a home-run get for Narduzzi and chief Maryland/Washington D.C. recruiter Andre Powell because Salahuddin was a national recruit and had his choice of any major college that he wanted to attend. This 4-star back had offers from USC, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

It’s been speculated for the last week that Salahuddin was leaning towards Pitt but I asked him when he knew and made his final decision that Pitt would be it for him.

Courtesy of Washington Post

“Definitely when my little sister told me that she wanted to see me wearing that Pitt uniform. That sealed it up for me.”

While he’s a big-picture kid, don’t mistake that for a passive demeanor on the field. Although he’s just a freshman, Salahuddin has one goal this fall and that’s to be Pitt’s starting tailback in 2018.

“One of my main goals and main focus is to beat out anyone that I will be competing against. I know the opportunity will be open but I’m going to have to earn it and fight for it and try to be the best back possible.”

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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