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Reaction to Aliquippa’s Removal of Mike Zmijanac

Reaction to Aliquippa’s Removal of Mike Zmijanac

As you can imagine, the Aliquippa school boards decision to remove long-time football coach Mike Zmijanac has drawn a ton of reaction, most of which isn’t positive.

PSN will monitor Twitter today to give you the thoughts of people to this highly contraversial decision.

PSN will update this throughout the day as we see more reaction.


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This is a surprise to everyone, because they haven’t been watching all that long. Aliquippa has always been run by nepotism and hidden agendas. There are more broken hearted teachers then coaches. It’s just that the coaching is in the spotlight, especially there. Is it a Black/White thing?,not really. The governance of the School has always been run by what ethnic group is in power.The current POWERHOUSE reputation comes from sports. Without a winner, the doors will close. And all these people who need a change, will be taking their children to another school. No more, WAVE RED AND BLACK,… Read more »

Rev MIchael Jackson
Rev MIchael Jackson

RESPONSE TO STEIGERWALD Aliquippa won because Aliquippa has talented young men, not because of Zmijanic. Steigerwald wrote his article as if he were writing for Trump. A bunch of half truths, ridiculous assertions and hypothetical questions mixed with a hint of bigoted BS .If the school didn’t teach the children and there is a scholastic requirement level to be eligible, then how did these children, whom, Steigerwald’s article/dossier determines could not read, get to play? Did Coach Z turn his head? YES! He did He pimped the children and when they were done he did NOTHING to help them get… Read more »


[…] reaction in much of WPIAL territory, where the population is more than 80 percent white, was furious. The school board was called “gutless,” “clueless” and worse on a local sports website. […]

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