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Heather Lyke and Kevin Stallings


Poll: What Grade Would You Give Heather Lyke So Far?

Poll: What Grade Would You Give Heather Lyke So Far?

In: Jeff Capel, Lance White, Keith Gavin, Randy Waldrum

Out: Kevin Stallings, Suzie McConnell-Serio, Greg Miller

Heather Lyke has been busy since she took over as Pitt Athletic Director from Scott Barnes less than two years ago. From extending the contract of Pat Narduzzi to firing Kevin Stallings, Lyke has left her mark all over the various athletics programs. And while her search processes haven’t always been smooth (see Keith Gavin, Jeff Capel) her moves have been bold and most fans and outside observers seem satisfied with her decisions so far.

What letter grade would you give Heather Lyke for her performance as Pitt AD?

Vote below:

How would you grade Heather Lyke as Pitt AD?

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She has had more put on her plate in a short period of time than virtually any AD in the country and hasn’t even blinked.
I see 2 fools voted her an F. That goes to show you that in any crowd there are always idiots.


Samantha Snider, the women’s gymnastics coach isn’t mentioned and that program has already shown improvement. It’s too early to really judge her and the others but all of them have the potential to be homeruns. It’s obvious that Chancellor Gallagher values the athletics programs and is giving Heather the support she needs to be successful. I’ give her a solid A.

Mike Vukovcan

I agree, obviously we’ll have better evaluation in a couple years

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