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Recruits React to Pitt Football Camp



Today was week two of Pitt football’s prospect camp on the South Side and by all accounts it attracted a record turnout of campers.

Last weekend’s camp resulted in four players receiving offers, will that happen again this week?

Like we did last weekend, PSN has reached out to a number of the campers to get their reaction to the weekend. As we hear back from players tonight and tomorrow, we’ll add to this post.

Dylan Schley, Erie 2020 OL/DL: “I’ve been in touch with Coach Borbely for a little over a month now and he invited me to the camp at my school, Mercyhurst Prep, so I was gonna go without question. I had a great time at the camp; a lot of great competition. I enjoyed the setup of the camp not just being one-on-ones but actually incorporating drills the Panther lineman use during practice. Overall, it was a great camp and I should be returning next year. As far as talking with coaches, I had a great conversation with Coach Borbely after the camp which I’m going to keep between us. I also had several other interactions with Coach Patton and other Pitt coaches.”

Nyles Beverly, Ohio 2019 cornerback (Pitt offer): “I thought the camp was really good. I got coached up well, the drills were intense and 1-on-1s we’re fun. I did really good today and that’s what Coach Sanders, Collins, and Narduzzi said as well. I got to chat with all three of them and it was really funny talking to them.”

Jaeden Scarborough, Ohio 2020 defensive back/wide receiver: “It was a good atmosphere. Coaches and student athletes really brought a good vibe into the camp of competing and having fun. It was a lot of good competition there and I enjoyed competing against other individuals. Me and my teammates will for sure be back to watch a game this coming season.”

Sam Enslen, Butler 2019 offensive lineman: “The whole atmosphere at camp was great. A lot of competition and a lot of learning. Coaches were very instructive and so were current Pitt players that helped coach the camp. I think the Pitt players helped a lot, they were eager to help us campers with our mistakes and motivated us to get better each rep. All in all a fantastic camp.”

Matthew McGeary, Pennsylvania 2020 OL/DL: “The players and coaches today helped a great deal in the improvement of my technique and offered insight during competition periods. Throughout the entire camp there was an emphasis on details and the small things. The coaches would work with you on a personal level. The camp was very well put together and organized. And a huge thanks to all the players and coaches who made it happen.“

Stone Hollenbach, Pennsylvania 2019 Quarterback: “Coaches seem to like me, they all know my name. Camp went well.”

Cole Kosco, Ohio 2019 Quarterback: “I enjoyed the camp at Pitt today. I felt it was well organized and well run. I got a lot of reps and tested well, I ran a 4.37 shuttle and jumped a 9’. I’m not sure what my 40 was, but I felt like I was moving well. Coach Watson talked to me after camp, said I threw it very well and opened a lot of eyes today.”

Jett Elad, Ohio 2019 Cornerback: “I really liked the Pitt camp, it was truly amazing. The coaches did a great job of working us out and teaching us their ways. I talked and worked a lot with Coach Collins and I thought that he was outstanding. I talked with Coach Sanders a bit as well and he pushed me to get better each rep. Coach Collins said they would look at my film Monday and make a decision!”

Jordan Castleberry, Ohio 2019 Running Back: “Camp was great. It was high intensity and Pitt football had a impact on camp today which drove guys to show out! Lots of competition from everywhere. Not only did coaches help today but players at Pitt did as well. I interacted with Darren Hall a lot today. I personally love Pitt and I’m being highly recruited by Pitt. It has been months now that Coach Powell and I have stayed in touch. Coach Collins, who recruits my area, stays in touch with me a lot. They love me and I am a great possibility to potentially receive a big offer! Coming to camp helped me a lot, Coach Collins said. Pitt has always had my interest.”

Eugene Asante, Virginia 2019 Running Back: “I really enjoy the camp overall! I got to work with Coach Powell and Coach Narduzzi! It was extremely competitive and I got to interact with the Pitt running backs and learn the tricks of the trade. Overall, I felt I had a very successful camp! And I loved it! Hail to Pitt!”

Max Tillett, Pennsylvania 2020 LB/S: “I thought the camp went really well. The coaches ran the camp great with all the drills they put us through. It was really competitive with kids across the nation that came. There were many great programs that were there along with the Pitt coaches.”

Tre Tucker, Ohio 2019 Wide Receiver: “It was a good day and I think I killed the camp! Ran 4.3 for the third camp in a row! I heard a lot of buzz on my name. Players had a lot of conversations with me and coaches loved me should hopefully I get the offer soon. They told me they’ll be calling me soon.”

Kyle Bilodeau, Virginia 2019 Tight End: “It was a real good time. There were a lot of campers but the availability of fields gave plenty of room to compete and work. It was really nice to be working in a NFL caliber practice facility. I had a great meeting with Coach Narduzzi before camp and after camp got a tour of campus, met with coaches, and went over to Heinz Field. Overall great time.”


Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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