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TE Travis Koontz Talks About Visit With Pitt’s Tim Salem



The first recruiting trip that a member of Pitt’s staff made this week was to tight end Travis Koontz.

Tight ends coach Tim Salem flew to California in Sunday and spent the day with Koontz at Ventura College.

Koontz was a previous member of Pitt’s Class of 2019 before de-committing in October. The reason for that decision was due to his concern about the current usage of the tight end in Pitt’s offense.

This morning, Pittsburgh Sports Now spoke to Koontz about the visit and if his concerns about the offense have been addressed and if he’s comfortable with what he’s hearing from Pitt.

“It was awesome that he came out to see me,” said Koontz. “I pretty much did my regular stuff and he just came with me. I was walking around campus, got lunch and he was just with me. We talked a lot as we walked across campus.”

While spending the day talking, I asked Koontz if Salem said anything to lessen his previous concern about the role of the tight end in Pitt’s current offense?

“No. Yesterday while we were talking and I’m not sure Coach Salem realized it but all he kept talking about was how effective I’d be in the run game,” Koontz said. ”They’ve only talked about the tight end in the passing game when I ask about it. When they’re just talking, it’s just about the tight end in the run scheme. I’m just like, I don’t know, I don’t know. I just have to shake my head a bit.”

Koontz doesn’t seem any more decided after the visit.

“Yes, I like that Coach Salem was here but didn’t like all the talk about the run scheme. I don’t know, he said. ”That talk effects my thoughts a bit and then Georgia called me back and are pretty sure their tight end is going to leave (NFL Draft), so we set up an official visit for the 14th.”

Koontz went on to talk about the official visit he just returned from over the weekend to UConn.

“They were just showing me how they use their tight ends and their tight end scheme from this year,” he said. “All that opened my eyes because they have a tight end scheme that they used this year where they throw to the tight end a ton.”

“Then they (Pitt) comes on Monday and just talk about the tight end and the run scheme and it being run heavy.”

Pitt will continue to pursue Koontz and he said that Pat Narduzzi plans to make a visit to see him next week.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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