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Breaking Down Pitt’s Recruiting Wins and Losses



It sometimes seems during a recruiting cycle that two schools can end up going up against one another for the same players over and over.

So in Pitt’s 18 players that signed to the Class of 2019 on Wednesday, which teams did the Panthers beat the most often? And of the rest of Pitt’s offers, which teams did they lose out to?

When taking a look at the data, it’s important to remember that many offers become un-committable over time and many players end up to committing to a school that isn’t their first choice, so it’s probably not wise to focus a lot of energy on the granular details and instead keep an eye on the big picture.

Here’s how the math plays out for Pitt’s recruiting wins:

8 wins: Rutgers, Temple, Toledo,
6 wins: Buffalo, Kent State, Maryland
5 wins: Boston College, Syracuse
4 wins: Appalachian State, Cincinnati, Florida Atlantic, Kentucky, North Carolina, Old Dominion,
3 wins: Connecticut, Florida International, Georgia State, Louisville, LSU, Massachusetts, South Florida, Virginia, Wake Forest,
2 wins: Air Force, Alabama-Birmingham, Army, Bowling Green, Central Florida, Colorado State, Duke, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Marshall, Miami (Ohio), Minnesota, Missouri, NC State, Northern Illinois, Purdue, South Carolina, Southern Miss, Tulane, Virginia Tech, Western Kentucky, West Virginia
1 win: Auburn, Central Michigan, Fresno State, Georgia, Georgia Southern, Iowa State, Indiana, Kansas, Kansas State, Liberty, Memphis, Miami, Michigan, Middle Tennessee State, Michigan State, Navy, Nebraska, Nevada-Las Vegas, Northwestern, Oregon, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas, Troy, Utah, Washington State, Wisconsin

Here’s the data for Pitt’s recruiting losses:

11 losses: Purdue
10 losses: Penn State
9 losses: Alabama
8 losses: Clemson, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech
7 losses: Michigan
6 losses: Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin
5 losses: Central Florida, Texas A&M, Duke, Kentucky, Maryland, Miami, Southern California,
4 losses: Boston College, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Ohio State, Stanford, Syracuse, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia
3 losses: Georgia Tech, Iowa, Mississippi State, Nebraksa, North Carolina, Rutgers, South Carolina, West Virginia
2 losses: Arizona, Auburn, Central Michigan, Colorado, LSU, Missouri, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington State, Western Michigan
1 loss: Arizona State, Arkansas, Baylor, Cincinnati, Colorado State, East Carolina, Florida International, Illinois, Iowa State, Louisville, Marshall, Middle Tennessee State, NC State, Oklahoma State, South Florida, Southern Methodist, Texas, Texas Christian, Teas Tech, Toledo, Utah

Now, with the understanding that when a team offers over 220 scholarships and only takes 18 players, there are bound to be more losses than wins, here’s how Pitt has stacked up individually with each school that Pitt went head-to-head against five times or more in this class:

8-0: Temple
6-0: Buffalo, Kent State
8-1: Toledo
4-1: Cincinnati
8-3: Rutgers
3-2: LSU
5-4: Boston College, Syracuse
6-5: Maryland
4-3: North Carolina
4-5: Kentucky
3-4: Virginia
2-3: Georgia Tech, West Virginia
2-5: Central Florida, Duke
2-8: Virginia Tech
1-4: Georgia, Ohio State, Tennessee
1-5: Miami
2-11: Purdue
1-6: Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin
1-7: Michigan
0-5: Southern California, Texas A&M
0-8: Clemson, Notre Dame
0-9: Alabama
0-10: Penn State

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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3 years ago

0-10 vs Penn State? Ouch!

Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis
3 years ago

Yeah, that’s ugly. What’s also eye opening is who Pat and co. beat for most of their recruits – lower level P5 teams and MAC schools. Thiat’s not what it takes to be perennial contenders in the ACC and challenge Clemson Or FSU for the championship. After four classes (or is it five?) of pretty similar quality, I sadly don’t think Pat can recruit the caliber of player it takes to be a consistent top 10 program.

Ryan Schaitkin
Ryan Schaitkin
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob Lewis

Eh I’m not feeling that badly about it. We beat out some good teams, too, like LSU, and we beat out some important ACC foes in Boston College, Syracuse, North Carolina. The teams we’re getting smoked by–Penn State, Clemson, Michigan, Bama, USC, etc., these are teams that have a stronger recent history of football performance than we do.

If this team can win 9-10 games and finished ranked or get great bowl games in the next couple of years, I guarantee you the caliber of recruit that is interested in Pitt begins to change.

Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis
3 years ago
Reply to  Ryan Schaitkin

I can live with losing to powerhouse programs with great brands. 40 of the losses were to Purdue (11!), VT, Indiana, Central Florida, Duke, and Maryland. Pitt was a net loss – by a big margin – to those programs. I’d consider each of those schools to be on par or below Pitt. Maybe with a more forgiving schedule, Pat can get the wins needed to get noticed and attract a higher quality recruit, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Terrence Otoole
Terrence Otoole
3 years ago

one word pitiful

Joseph Steigerwald
3 years ago

I think average is probably closer to the truth.

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