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Pittsburgh is a College Sports Town, Too



Panorama of Pittsburgh during the blue hour from Mt. Washington -- DAVE DICELLO / Used under license

Did you hear? Pittsburgh is a pro sports town.

There’s nothing wrong with expressing that sentiment. Pittsburgh loves its pro sports.

Penguins fans propelled Pittsburgh to number one in the nation for NHL local TV ratings in 2017-18. Pittsburgh is routinely one of the top football watching towns in the country, even when the Steelers aren’t involved. Even the Pirates, who suffered a precipitous drop in attendance in 2018, were 7th in MLB in local ratings.

So, yeah. Pittsburgh loves its pro sports. There isn’t a pundit in the nation who would argue that fact.

However, contrary to the stated beliefs of some, Pittsburgh is a college and high school sports town, too.

How do we know? If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t have had over 4 million page views and 300,000 unique visitors in our first year. If there wasn’t a college sports-loving audience out there hungry for fresh content we certainly wouldn’t have drawn 6.7 million page views and 831,000 uniques in year three (that’s 173 percent growth) and launched a successful Die-Hards membership program.

And we’re not alone. There’s consistently great Pitt and Duquesne content being written by Craig Meyer, Brian Batko and Sarah Spencer over at the Post-Gazette, Jerry DiPaola at the Tribune-Review, Chris Peak at Panther-Lair, and Anson Whaley and crew at Cardiac Hill.

Maybe a certain organization’s coverage just didn’t connect.

But we’re doing just fine over here, and we’re excited about the future.

There’s so much going on at Pitt, Duquesne, RMU and in the WPIAL that the only thing we’re worried about is keeping up with it all.

So, to celebrate another year of growth and success at Pittsburgh Sports Now, we’re offering just the second Die-Hards discount in our site’s history.

Until the end of the year, save 22.5% on a yearly Die-Hards subscription. You’ll get expanded coverage, a virtually ad-free browsing experience, access to our members-only forums and more.

Thank you to our readers and subscribers and here’s to another year of making Pittsburgh more than just a pro sports town.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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5 years ago

Shots fired! Shots fired! lol

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