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Could Pitt Offer 2019 Florida Wide Receiver Jack Coulson?

Could Pitt Offer 2019 Florida Wide Receiver Jack Coulson?

Pitt appeared to be done recruiting wide receivers after they signed Aliquippa’s Will Gipson but that might not be the case.

Yesterday, Charlie Partridge was at Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton, Florida checking out 2019 wide receiver Jack Coulson.

At this point, Coulson (6’2″, 202) holds offers from programs such as Air Force, Florida International, Florida Atlantic, Fordham and a handful of Ivy League teams but no Power Five offers.

Pitt views Coulson as an underrated player and a possible diamond in the rough.

Courtesy of Jack Coulson

Last night, Pittsburgh had a chance to talk with Coulson’s head coach Baz Alfred and got updated on where things stand with his star receiver and Pitt.

“I’ve known Coach Partridge since his days at Florida Atlantic University and even before then when he was at Wisconsin,” said Alfred. “So, I’ve had a relationship with him since 2010 and I’ve been coaching high school football for 12 years now. We’ve always had a great relationship.”

“Since he was in the area, I reached out to him and asked if he could stop by the school so I could show him Jack. I said, I just want to show you the kid and if you don’t think he can play at your level that’s fine I understand. I just want to see if you can take a look at the kid. When Charlie got here, I told him I’m not going to B.S. you but if you have any scholarships take a look at the kid. He liked his size, runs a 4.6 forty, was 1st team All-Palm County which is a big deal.”

“He met Jack and didn’t guarantee him anything. He said I like you but said he is going to pass his film along to the new offensive coordinator, the recruiting coordinator and to the head coach. If everything checks out with him, he’s going to be in touch with me within the next 12-24 hours to let me know if an offer is available,” said Alfred.

During his many years in Florida, Alfred has been around and coached many D-I players and I asked him what stands out about Coulson and makes him special?

Courtesy of Jack Coulson

“I think his size. When Jack came in, he was a 5-foot-10, 145-pound quarterback,” said Alfred. “I saw what he did to his body weighing 175 pounds when the season started and now he’s at 202 and really put in that work ethic that you need to be a D-I player. He has great route running and the hands. The kid only dropped two balls all year, two balls that hit his hands and he had 61 receptions. When it comes down to it, he has all the tools to be a good D-I player. The thing he needs to work on is his top end speed and he can do that. I’ll be completely honest with you, to compete with all the teams they have in the ACC, he needs to get that down to a solid 4.5 and he can. I love that kid and I’ll take him over anyone I’ve coached in the last five years.”


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Matthew Asay
Matthew Asay

Hard for me to envision him being a WR at Pitt. We’ve got Gipson, Wayne, O’neil, Jaques-Louis, Butler, Smith, Carter, Mathews, Mack, Ffrench and Tipton. Unless maybe they plan on moving Wayne to a TE spot if he can put on weight. He’s kind of slow for a WR so I could see it if he’s got the frame to put on 40 ibs without losing too much speed.

Section 122
Section 122

Did Salem give him the sales pitch on how many blocks he will get to throw?

Tom DiPasquale
Tom DiPasquale

They definitely additional guys that can catch in the middle of the field. He could play TE or a hybrid type role if he can add some weight. There are some WRs that definitely transfer like Darren sweet did.

Ryan Schaitkin
Ryan Schaitkin

Just checked out his film on Hudl. I’m not a scout, but there’s a lot of stuff to like about this kid. Hope they can find room to offer him.

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