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Introducing You to Cranberry Cryotherapy



PGH Sports Now would like to take the opportunity to welcome Cranberry Cryotherapy as our newest Pitt football and National Signing Day sponsor.

Cryotherapy – or cold therapy – is a rehabilitation option that uses cold temperatures to improve a myriad of ailments including improving joint health, reducing recovery time from surgery and eliminating muscle soreness.

A typical visit will include a patient entering the sauna, which covers up to your neck, before the temperature is lowered to -184-degrees Fahrenheit (that’s not a typo).

The cold air causes your body to go into protection mode, rushing blood to your core, collecting oxygen and nutrients.

After three minutes, upon exiting the sauna enriched blood rushes back through your extremities, improving circulation.

Cryotherapy has also been linked to weigh loss as a three-minute session can burn anywhere between 500 and 800 calories (roughly a 45-minute run). That, coupled with the brain releasing certain euphoric endorphins can lead to better nights sleep.

Sessions can be purchased by the session (one, three, five and 10) or a monthly membership (four, eight or unlimited visits) and appointments are made every 10 minutes.

Our friends at Cranberry Cryotherapy are offering a discount to any high school or college athlete that purchases a session and mentions they heard about them on Pittsburgh Sports Now.

Cranberry Cryotherapy is located at 213 Executive Drive, Suite 130, in Cranberry with office hours of Monday-Friday 10:00 AM-2 PM and 4 PM-8 PM, Saturday 10 AM-4 PM and closed Sunday.




Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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