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Gateway’s Derrick Davis Receives Offer From Alabama



It’s not a stretch to say that Gateway’s Derrick Davis will be one of biggest and most heavily recruited athletes in Western Pennsylvania in many, many years.

Further evidence of that came Saturday night when Davis received an offer from Nick Saban and Alabama while in Tuscaloosa on an unofficial visit.

While Davis (6’0”, 195) already held big offers such major programs such as Clemson, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan and Pitt, the Gateway star tells Pittsburgh Sports Now that getting an offer from Alabama is altogether different.

“I met with Coach Saban around 10:30 in his office and he offered me but somehow it flew over my head that he actually offered,” said Davis. “It didn’t function in my head that he offered until later when my mom told me.”

Courtesy of Derrick Davis

”I was just speechless. This is an offer I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid. I’ve been a ‘Bama fan since I was in elementary school. This offer was huge for me.”

Davis made the trip to Alabama hoping it would show Saban how interested he was in them and that an offer might follow.

“I wanted to make the effort of going there and hoped it would show them something,” said Davis. “When I got the call from Alabama saying that Nick Saban wanted to invite you to the Bama Barbecue that meant a lot to me. That immediately told me this was my opportunity to go down there and meet Coach Saban. Not a lot of people get a chance to do that and that meant a lot to me.”

”Meeting him was what I pretty much expected. He was business like. He’s someone that wants to develop young men, not just as a football player but develop them into a young man.”

Davis is already rated as one of the Top 75 players in the Class of 2021 and his position in college is still unknown.

Although he’s a standout running back at Gateway, he has the ability to play either linebacker or safety as well. Davis tells PSN that Alabama is recruiting him as an athlete and “they’re recruiting me for anywhere and told me they could see me playing on either side of the ball.”

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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3 years ago

Pitt had very little chance with him before the Bama offer, now it’s zero. Don’t even bother. They should focus their efforts where they have a chance to win.

Eric Payne
Eric Payne
3 years ago

When an Alabama,Ohio State, or Notre Dame competes for a player, that just raises the stakes. To become a great program is to rise to the occasion and prioritize him. You won’t always win all recruiting battles, but when you compete,you have a chance to win. Pitt should welcome these battles. H2P.

Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis
3 years ago
Reply to  Eric Payne

Normally, I would agree with you, but he’s been a Bama fan since he was a kid. The odds are slim to none that he comes to Pitt. He’s local though, so the investment is low if they continue recruiting him.

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