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Pitt Releases Depth Chart for Opener vs. Virginia

Pitt Releases Depth Chart for Opener vs. Virginia

Pat Narduzzi has officially released his team’s depth chart heading into Saturday’s season opener vs. Virginia.

Considering the games that coaches like to play and the information that teams don’t want to give to opposition, this depth chart will likely be different than what starts the game.

Taking that all into consideration, here’s what Pitt released this morning prior to Narduzzi’s Monday press conference.


QB: Kenny Pickett — Backup: Nick Patti or Jeff George Jr.
RB: AJ Davis or Todd Sibley
WR: Taysir Mack, Tre Tipton, Maurice Ffrench — Backups: Aaron Mathews, Dontavius Butler-Jenkins, John Vardzel
TE: Will Gragg — Backups: Nakia Griffin-Stewart, Grant Carrigan
LT: Carter Warren — Backup: Carson Van Lynn
LG: Bryce Hargrove — Backup: Brandon Ford
C: Jimmy Morrissey — Backup: Owen Drexel
RG: Gabe Houy — Backup: Jake Kradel or Chase Brown
RT: Nolan Ulizio — Backup: Jerry Drake Jr.


DE: Patrick Jones — Backups: John Morgan or Kaymar Mimes
DT: Jalen Twyman — Backups: David Green or Tyler Bentley
DT: Keyshon Camp or Amir Watts — Backup: Devin Danielson
DE: Deslin Alexandre — Backup: Habbukkuk Baldonado
Money Linebacker: Kylan Johnson — Backup: Chase Pine
Mike Linebacker: Elias Reynolds or Saleem Brightwell
Star Linebacker: Cam Bright or Phil Campbell
Strong Safety: Paris Ford — Backup: Jazzee Stocker
Free Safety: Damar Hamlin — Backup: Therran Coleman
Cornerback: Dane Jackson — Backup: Erick Hallett
Cornerback: Jason Pinnock or Damarri Mathis


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Why is Kylan Johnson starting instead of Chase Pine. Why does PN always start these Grad transfers. Most of them suck. Same thing with Uluzio. Will Gragg, etc. Such a bullshit way to coach.


You beat me to it.

Maybe Pine grad transfers out at year’s end and tells PN to shove it.

Larry Moore

What was wrong with grad transfers like Stef Millin and Nate Peterman?

Larry Moore

Don’t get me wrong I like Pine a lot. Just inquiring..


I have no issues with grad transfers in general. I think the OP is saying that maybe in some circumstances, the grad transfer gets preference in the event of two players on equal footing and it allows the head coach to then show future grad transfers that if you come here, you’ll play but in these situations, why not show preference to the guy you recruited? Just a thought.

Ace M
Ace M

Honestly, I don’t get it… Pine, despite a couple of bad penalties, has shown some really good flashes like the 4th down stop vs ND and the VT game a couple years ago … the talent with him is definitely there and not being coached up. I feel like he and Brightwell both have gotten screwed over while being at Pitt.


It’s a long season, we lost a starting defensive lineman in training camp. It would be crazy to think every starter is going to play every down in 15-games. The difference between Clemson and everyone else is that the backup depth starts to surface about the 4th game. All those listed will play. Think of L’Vique Carter, he didn’t surface until the end of last season.

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