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Poll: How Do You Feel About Pat Narduzzi Right Now?

Poll: How Do You Feel About Pat Narduzzi Right Now?

The Pitt Panthers finished the 2019 season today with a disappointing 26-19 loss to Boston College on Senior Day.

With a bowl game remaining, Pitt currently has a record of 7-5 and can still get to 8 wins but this season will still be viewed by most people as nothing but disappointing. The one thing that Pitt can still salvage is a bowl win, something they haven’t accomplished under Pat Narduzzi.

This completes Narduzzi’s fifth season as Panthers head coach and he currently holds a record of 35-29. His first two seasons finished with 8 wins, followed by a 5-7 record in 2107 and last season the Panthers went 7-7.

Narduzzi will no doubt take some heat and get questioned for the way Pitt finished the season but the question is as a fan are you dissatisfied with the overall job he’s done as Pitt coach?

How do you feel about Pat Narduzzi as Pitt's coach?

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Donald J

way overpaid!!!! Lets his ego get in the way…


My father took me to my first Pitt game 61 years ago when I was 6. I have been a huge fan since. I was in my junior year when Johnny Majors came to town. Those were the years! After today I am convinced Pitt will never be anything more than a 6-7-8 team.
6 wins in a bad year.
7 wins in an average year.
8 wins in a good year.
Nothing more & nothing less!
Nothing will change until they get an on campus stadium!


College football at this point has the haves and the have nots. Recruiting is the key to everything, and even when a have not program has a good coach, they leave for a have program. Once endorsements are given to the players, it will make things even worse. Lets face it, most of the players at these programs are NOT students and that’s just the way it is!
Narduzzi is the best Pitt can get because even if we get a great coach, they will eventually leave.


The word is payola. It surfaced in the fifties when a certain TV show was striving for ratings. The way it worked was a contestant was fed the answers and kept winning. The ACC was two teams short of the maximum number for bowl games, viola, they win. Striving for rating, they staged a Thanksgiving weekend game for the Coastal championship. Doesn’t work in the Atlantic division, Clemson is fighting for a spot in the CFP so they have to be dominant. And Narduzzi’s bizarre comment during the weekly news conference. You can’t make this up.


Here are the Pro’s and Con’s of Narduzzi as HC: Pro: Loyal guy, and a good guy. I get the sense that even if Pitt won a Natl Championship here, that Narduzzi would stick around due to his loyalty. (Now that is unlikely to happen, but my sense is PN is loyal). Plus I view him as a very good to excellent recruiter. Just my view point but Pitt has really good talent. 10 win talent. I see it. Paul Chryst brought in talent and Narduzzi continued that. Cons: Terrible at game planning and gettin the team prepared, Details–terrible. PN… Read more »

Terrence Otoole

First of all narduzzi needs to go why give him 1 more year he is a bad head coach ,good assistant coach but that’s it just like foge was look at this yrs team the same mistakes, the turnovers, the costly penalties, undisciplined football from the 1st game to the last game ,the 2nd half collapses this is all on the head coach he’s a terrible in game coach and very stubborn with his personnel I’m sick of hearing about stability also.i have all the confidence that heather lyke would hire the right guy for this job

Section 122
Section 122

Who are the 213 people that think he’s done a good job? Does Narduzzi have that many family members that read this site?

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