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Saunders: Returning Stars Represent Pat Narduzzi’s Best Recruiting Yet



Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi did a pretty good job of recruiting in the early signing portion of his Class of 2020.

With a few scholarships left to go, Pitt has the No. 41 class in the country, according to 247 Sports’ composite rankings, and that doesn’t take into account four-star quarterback transfer Joey Yellen, who may end up being the most impactful player in the class, and four-star tight end transfer Lucas Krull, who will immediately fill a huge need.

But the recruiting job he’s done on his own players has been even better.

In an age of rampant player transfers, only two Panthers — defensive back Therran Coleman and running back V’Lique Carter — have decided to leave Pitt via the transfer portal since the end of the season.

Even more impactfully, four defensive stars that could have played at the NFL level have bought into Narduzzi’s vision and chose to return to Pitt.

Paris Ford, Patrick Jones and Jaylen Twyman all sought out NFL evaluations as draft-eligible underclassmen, but instead decided they wanted another season playing in Narduzzi’s defense.

Safety Damar Hamlin, who would have undoubtedly seen NFL interest and was invited to play in the East-West Shrine Bowl, the second-ranked college all-star game, wanted to play another season at Pitt so badly that he went through the process of fighting the NCAA for a fifth season of eligibility.

Even after winning that fight, he didn’t have to use it and he didn’t have to use it at Pitt. Hamlin could still have chased his NFL opportunities. He could have graduated and transferred to one of the very best teams in the country with his experience as a three-year starter with the Panthers.

Narduzzi isn’t perfect. His late-half clock strategy is not a strength. He badly botched the decision to kick a field goal on 4th and 1 late at Penn State last fall. He puts his foot in his mouth at times. His usage of talented young players has been questionable at times. It took four years of stubbornness for his defensive principles to finally pay dividends instead of being a hindrance.

But Narduzzi unquestionably wants to be at Pitt and he has unquestionably created an environment where talented players want to play for him and want to be at Pitt. 

That’s a powerful combination. It’s easy to critique his in-game strategy, but let’s be honest, many, many coaches do that poorly. And at the end of the day, college football games are far more greatly impacted by the quality of the players on the field than the tactics involved.

Narduzzi has recruited some talented players to Pitt. He’s also developed stars out of less-talented players. Jones and Twyman, along with graduating cornerback Dane Jackson, were three-star players that will certainly play at the NFL level.

Now, he has bona-fide and established collegiate stars deciding that another year at Pitt looks better than chasing their NFL dream and almost every other scholarship player is coming back.

In this day and age, that’s an extremely rare combination and Narduzzi deserves the credit for all of it.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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1 year ago

And he didn’t attempt to hide a scandal which is distracting another Pennsylvania HC.
If we had the resources of the SEC schools (LSU – $100 million budget) results would be better and maybe impressive.

1 year ago

Spot on Alan.

Now in 2020, all he has to do is win at a level that he has never done. Show me Pat.

Jason H Smith
Jason H Smith
1 year ago

You say, “games are far more greatly impacted by the quality of the players on the field than the tactics involved.” And yet you cite a recruiting ranking of 41 as a “pretty good job of recruiting in the early signing portion of his Class of 2020.” Now, correct me if I’m wrong here.. There are 70 P5 schools (including ND). Wouldn’t 41 be FIRMLY in the bottom half? This team is far from “talented” when compared to most P5 schools. Narduzzi’s record (under .500 against P5 schools) bears that out. I’m extremely excited that Ford and Hamlin will be… Read more »

Jason H Smith
Jason H Smith
1 year ago
Reply to  Alan Saunders

You kill me, Al.

LuAnn Bair
LuAnn Bair
1 year ago

I for one like Narduzzi and every coach has some kind quirks. The guys love him and love playing for him. I am very thankful we have him. I am also glad the team and the school has some stability. There are so many schools that have all kinds of scandals and cheating going on and some that have guys that are 1 and 2 years and done constantly. I love the fact that our players can create a legacy and have a really good shot at the NFL. Pitt has many players both old and new that are in… Read more »

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