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NEC Reprimands Robert Morris Coach Andy Toole and Game Officials



Criticizing officials, regardless if it’s justified, is never tolerated so a public reprimand of Andy Toole was expected following his Saturday postgame press conference.

The fact that the NEC conference is commenting on the performance of the game officials comes as somewhat of a surprise.

NEC commissioner Noreen Morris issued this statement on Monday following the controversial ending to Saturday’s Robert Morris/Fairleigh Dickinson game.

Statement From Commissioner Morris

“The NEC has high standards for our officials, coaches and student-athletes, and we hold them accountable when those standards are not met. In this case, the officials did not perform up to our expectations, and the head coach’s response to their performance was unacceptable. With that said, both parties are being reprimanded. NEC policy prohibits the public criticism of officials by any institutional representative, including coaches, regardless of the circumstances. The penalties for in unsporting conduct are clearly defined by conference policy as is the protocol for our coaches to provide feedback on officiating to the Coordinator of Officials and the conference office. While we acknowledge there was a missed call at the end of the game for which the officials are being sanctioned, the public criticism of our officials relative to that missed call was in clear violation of our sportsmanship policy.”

In ask you missed it, here was the blown non-call by the officials and Toole’s response.



Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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Clark Martineau
Clark Martineau
4 years ago

I saw Pitt win a game when Mel Bennett took a charge on an inbound play like that.
Definitely a blown call.

Chuck Verdeber
Chuck Verdeber
4 years ago

Everything coach Toole said was spot on. He said everything tactfully and in an educated manner. That league and its officials are a joke. RMU Deserves better.

4 years ago

Reffed for 25-years. There is a segment of the ref fraternity who “doesn’t want to decide the game”. They don’t want the abuse from making the call. This is the hockey mindset.
Another segment which I belonged to “decided if it were a foul in the first 5-minutes it was a foul in the last 5-minutes”.
Coaches hate the first and hate the second but respect it.
Gotta start disciplining the school because of the fans.

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