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Peters Township S Donovan McMillon Updates His Recruitment



Although the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on Donovan McMillon’s search for his future college, it hasn’t shutdown that process completely.

The Peters Township star safety has received over 30 scholarship offers and planned on making spring visits as a way of helping him cut that list in half.

Those visits won’t be taking place anytime soon but McMillon will still go through with coming up with a manageable list of 15 schools.

While he’s disappointed about the delay, McMillon has the proper perspective on things and realizes his college recruitment is insignificant compared to what’s happening throughout the world.

”The coronavirus has impacted things, because I can’t travel but at the same time, I want everything in the world to get back to normal, people to be safe and for this virus to go away,” he said. “If the worst thing that happens to me is that I can’t make visits till the summer or after, I’m ok with that.

”Right now, I’m just slowly trying to eliminate some schools and looking to figure out which could be the best schools for me and my family. I’m looking at education, my relationship with the coaches, distance and some other factors.”

In terms of making that initial cut, McMillon believes that will take place fairly soon.

”Despite what’s going on, I look to be able to make that decision within the next couple weeks.”

Having the chance to talk with McMillon over the last few months, it’s easy to see his maturity and big picture perspective on things. He’s able to look past all the negatives and gloom currently happening to find a bright spot like being able to use this quarantined time to slow like down and spending it with family.

”My daily schedule has been waking up, going to the field to work on individual footwork, then coming home to lift and the rest of the day is spending it with my family and doing things we normally don’t have time to do,” he said. “Plus, I’m getting a real chance to spend quality time with my younger brothers so we get even closer.”

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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Justin Dietrich
Justin Dietrich
4 years ago

treat recruitment like the pandemic and just stay home.

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