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PSL Debuts New Trivia Show ‘Pittsburgh Sports Faceoff’



As a way to add some new content and show appreciation to our subscribers, Pittsburgh Sports Live is planing to unveil a new show. ‘Pittsburgh Sports Faceoff’ will be hosted by Pittsburgh media personality Matt Gajtka, who made his PSL debut hosting two recent postgame shows.

On this new trivia show, you, the fan, will have an opportunity to compete against credentialed members of Pittsburgh media. Think you know more about Pittsburgh sports than Mike Asti, Alan Saunders, Mike Vukovcan or any of the PSL hosts and contributors? Well, this is your chance to prove it.

The format for ‘Pittsburgh Sports Faceoff’ is simple: Matt will ask a set of 11 Pittsburgh sports trivia questions to one of our PSL contributors, with the first five questions worth one point each, the next five worth two each and the final a Jeopardy!-style wager question. Players must answer in 10 seconds and can’t check the internet for help.

Then, our fan competitor will attempt to beat the PSL contributor’s point total by answering the same set of questions. (Contestants will video conference with Matt via the Zoom platform.) Beat our PSL ‘pro’ and you’ll receive a $25 dollar gift certificate to Burgatory!

Reach out to Matt Gajtka (@MattGajtka on Twitter and if you would like a chance to compete.

Even though Pittsburgh Sports Live is currently unable to fulfill its standard of providing interviews with players and coaches in addition to talk shows, the channel still strives to offer an outlet for Pittsburgh fans to enjoy, especially during a time when many may need a diversion. ‘Pittsburgh Sports Faceoff’ joins PSL shows like ‘Mic Drop‘ as a source of content on the channel.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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