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Poll: Which Pitt Storyline Deserves the ‘Last Dance’ Treatment



ESPN just concluded their month long Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance”, which turned out to be a hit in the ratings as they gave a behind the scenes look at Jordan’s historic run with the Chicago Bulls during their rise to prominence and back-to-back three-peats.

That got us thinking, if a documentary was put together on a big event/moment in Pitt sports history, which would you be most interested in watching?

There has been plenty of heartbreak, but also some great life-affirming moments and historic runs throughout the school’s history.

We came up with some storylines, both good and bad, that we think would be deserving of at least a few episodes of a miniseries, so register a vote and let us know what you think.

Which Pitt Storyline Deserves the "Last Dance" Treatment?

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Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly
3 years ago

While the negative stories would certainly warrant one, but I would just rather have a positive story that covers the entire program. I voted for the rebirth, but Connor’s story would make an excellent one.

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