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Pat Narduzzi Address Which Players Leaning Towards Staying/Leaving



Pat Narduzzi held his weekly Thursday gathering with the media and one of the topics that came up was the topic of Senior Day.

Saturday’s game against Virginia Tech will be the final home game of the season which means seniors and their families will be honored before the game. This year is different than in years past because it’s a free year for all athletes meaning seniors have the opportunity to return to play next season if they choose to do so.

Narduzzi said that 10 players have told him that they plan on leaving after the season and plan to walk out for Senior Day activities. Those players include quarterback Kenny Pickett, center Jimmy Morrissey, safety Damar Hamlin, defensive end Patrick Jones, defensive end Rashad Weaver, wide receiver DJ Turner, guard Bryce Hargrove, cornerback Jason Pinnock, linebacker Phil Campbell and kicker Alex Kessman.

“I expect those guys to probably be moving on, however, they have time,” said Narduzzi. “The guys that aren’t mentioned have said ‘coach I want to come back for another year’. It doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind. It’s a fluid situation.”

The players that either plan on returning or haven’t made up their minds yet are tight end Lucas Krull, offensive lineman Keldrick Wilson, linebacker Chase Pine, defensive tackle Keyshon Camp, wide receiver Taysir Mack, wide receiver Tre Tipton, linebacker John Petrishen, running back A.J. Davis, cornerback Damarri Mathis, long-snapper Cal Adomitis and tight end Jake Zilinskas.

As Pittsburgh Sports Now has previously reported, sources told us that Petrishen and Krull would definitely be returning while our source told us yesterday that Pickett will move on and enter the 2021 NFL Draft.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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2 years ago

I would recommend EVERY Pitt player who isn’t a top 5 round prospect to return. Get more FREE education. Enjoy your college years and youth, as it will be the best years of your life!!! You have the rest of your life for stress of the real world. H2P

Let's Believe
Let's Believe
2 years ago

And this is exactly how I’ll start to drink the “next year is the year kool aid.” Happens every off-season until the actual season itself. But Camp, Danielson, Bentley, Hayes, Alexandre, Baldonado, Bright, Pine, Dennis, Davis, Mathis, Hill, Woods, Williams… Defense could be nice again. Offensively, it could benefit Pitt Mack hasn’t had the year that was anticipated. On paper at least, looking nice with Mack, Addison, Wayne, Shocky, Tipton (gotta love a 7th year senior) and Krull showing what he can do. All the RB’s return: Davis brothers, Sibley, Israel, Carter. And 3 lineman although I’m not sure that’s… Read more »

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