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Report: Pitt AD Heather Lyke Not a Finalist for Michigan State Job



Pitt athletic director Heather Lyke was not a finalist to be the next Michigan State athletic director, according to a report by the Detroit Free Press.

The Spartans, who are reportedly going with former Steelers defensive back Alan Haller as their new AD, were also considering Auburn athletic director Allen Greene and UCLA athletic director Martin Jarmond, according to Chris Solari of the Press.

Lyke had admitted on Friday that Michigan State had reached out to her about taking the job vacated when Bill Beekman resigned in August, but she said at that time that she expected to remain at Pitt.

Lyke is a Michigan alumnus and was the athletic director at Eastern Michigan from 2013-17, since which, she has been at Pitt. She also spent time as assistant AD at Cincinnati and Ohio State and worked for Big Ten Network as a softball analyst.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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16 days ago

It’s too bad. I was hoping to see her leave. I would’ve packed her bags. Only 2 sports matter and those sports are mired in mediocrity and are also on probation. She is a TERRIBLE fundraiser (Victory Heights is a magnificent failure). Her outreach to fans and alums is substandard to say the least. The empty yellow seats are a beautiful match for her yellow blouses. Get new blood in there with new ideas to stimulate the fan bases of the revenue generating sports.
Enough time has been wasted!!!!

Send it in !
Send it in !
15 days ago

She wore the wrong color. Too bad because both Capel and Nardo need sent packing.
Nardo can save his job by winning 9 games AND A BOWL GAME !

Larry Musk
Larry Musk
15 days ago
Reply to  Send it in !

I agree with you. It’s really too bad as my current problem which gas is used in the refrigerator here.

15 days ago

Only two sports matter? To who? You?
Heather has strengthened all other sports at Pitt to the point that Women’s volleyball is the perennial favorite to win the conference and go deep into the NCAA playoffs. Men’s soccer made the final four. Women’s soccer is ranked in the top 25.
The two sports that only matter to you are caught in a rising water lifts all boats situation. No Power 4 and a half Conferences want to play an ACC team out of conference.
Go cry in your only men should be AD’s soup.
Hail to Pitt.

14 days ago
Reply to  PittBand

Those 2 sports matter to all of the other non revenue producing sports. Football and basketball pay the bills. I’m not saying I like it, but it’s a fact. Look at the revenue generated between all of the other sports compared to the Big 2 and then get back to me. It’s also proven that when the Big 2 sports are better that more high school students want to go to schools with robust football and basketball programs. Applications increase. Another proven fact is that donations to the schools with successful football and basketball programs get more donations from Alumni… Read more »

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