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Family-First Mindset Has Cam Lindsey Ready to Go at Pitt



Pitt Aliquippa Cam Lindsey

It was a weekend filled with mixed emotions at the home of former Aliquippa standout and now Pitt freshman Cam Lindsey. Sadness, nervousness, excitement, pride, anxiousness, you name it, they were feeling it at the Lindsey residence.

The reason being is for the first time in his life, Cam Lindsey wasn’t going to be living under the roof of Dwight and Tierra Lindsey and instead is starting the next chapter of his life, learning how to be independent and becoming an adult.

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Last week, Cam Lindsey finished his class work at Aliquippa High School, graduated and packed things up and made the drive up Interstate-376 to Oakland and moved into his new residence at the University of Pittsburgh.

“It’s been a pretty crazy 4, 5-day stretch,” said Dwight Lindsey, Cam’s father. “He took finals on Wednesday, Thursday and there was some confusion and had to also go in on Friday to finish them, which was the same day as his Prom. We then had a family/friends graduation dinner, he didn’t want to have a graduation party. Since he won the state championship in basketball, I felt like he was ready to go to Pitt a week later. For him, he’s always been a person that does what he does and what is next is next. He’s just kind of wired that way.

“For me, his dad, it’s kind of crazy because he’s just my dude. I’ve been there with him since day one and now, it actually didn’t hit me until today. Because sometimes as kids, he’ll spend the night at a friend’s house, or they go away for an AAU tournament, but you know that eventually he’ll be home. Then today, I’m cleaning up and I’m taking some things to put in his room and I’m like dang, he’s not here, he’s not going to be in his room anymore. Certain things that have been there, aren’t there anymore because he wanted to take it with him to school with him. That’s when it’s like, man, my dude is gone. Those kinds of emotions have you all over the place because as a parent, there’s no manual for this. As a parent, you’re always like did you do enough, instill enough knowledge and discipline into him so he can be the best person that he can be at the University of Pittsburgh.”

Anyone that knows Cam knows that he’s a big picture type of kid that sets lofty goals for himself, which is what he’s done as he enters college. The gifted linebacker intends on excelling on the field but also understands that he needs to get it done in the classroom as well.

“Cam is excited to succeed at Pitt, not only playing sports but also as a student as well,” said Dwight Lindsey. “During the Blue/Gold game a few weeks back, he got to meet some alumni, some people that will mentor him, was able to meet EJ Borghetti because he’s going to major in communications and was able to talk to him about some things that he wanted to do. They talked about things that he can do as he goes through the process of earning his degree. Cam has embraced the label of being the hometown kid and knows plenty of players from here that have gone to Pitt and succeed. He knows one in particular that did that and didn’t grow up too far from us, Darrelle (Revis).”

“He knows the potential of things that he can do at Pitt and is excited about the future. He believes that there’s an opportunity for him to come in and play and plans on working to do that. Cam is anxious to get with the strength and conditioning coach and get to work. A few months back, I might have said that he was a little shy and apprehensive but that’s now the case now. It’s here and he’s ready to go.”

Speaking of going, when the Lindseys dropped Cam off in Oakland on Sunday, considering how active he’s been with throughout his upbringing, I asked Dwight what advice he left his son with before he started this exciting journey.

“The last thing I said to him, first I reminded him how proud I was of him, and I told him that he’s not done yet,” said Dwight Lindsey. “He still has more to do. In order to get where he wants to be, if that’s the NFL, he has to be willing to work harder, smarter and give more effort than everyone that’s around him. It’s kind of like he’s back to being a freshman in high school again. He’s at the lower part of the pole and now has to work hard to get to the top.”

“Working hard, a lot of people don’t consider that, but for me, I consider it a skill. Sometimes it’s a skill that can get you inside different rooms and situations. On the positive side, hopefully, he’ll continue to do that, and it will put himself in a situation to be highly successful there. I just made sure he knew that if you have more that you want to accomplish, you can’t be satisfied with what you have now. He’s already accomplished some amazing things and I know that he has a lot more that he can still do. Keep yourself in a positive mindset no matter the situation and no matter what’s going on. I told him his mother and I will always be there for him no matter how big or small the situation is.”

Lindsey is entering a situation on the Pitt linebacker’s depth chart where it’s filled with some talented players but certainly has plenty of youth. Depending on how well he’s able to pick up the defense and impress Pat Narduzzi, Randy Bates and Ryan Manalac, considerable playing time as a true freshman certainly isn’t out of the question.

If you look at his track record and list of accomplishments, being an impact player as a freshman is something that I certainly wouldn’t put past Lindsey.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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Pamela Rutledge
Pamela Rutledge
8 days ago

Great article. Awesome kid from a great family. He’s obviously a superstar and is a respectful well rounded young man. Blessings and success to him

7 days ago

Great article. Pitt needs more kids like this!

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