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Pat Narduzzi Supports Revenue Sharing in College Football



Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi.

In the last two weeks, the NCAA has agreed to revenue sharing with college football players and an unlimited transfer policy — two decisions that will forever change the game. Pat Narduzzi isn’t a coach who likes to get involved in the rapidly evolving NIL game, at least when it comes to ironing out deals with his football players, but he’s certainly aware of what’s going on in the college football landscape.

In fact, when Narduzzi was on a Friday’s ACC PM, he joked that he had no idea that revenue sharing was coming to college football. But of course, he’s well aware of the coming changes. And he approves.

“I think it’s a great thing that the universities are now going to start to take this over,” Narduzzi said. “Obviously there’s a lot of things to still work out, we’re not going to get into the meetings on that today, but that’s the settlement. Players in the past, 10 years ago, are going to get paid back, I guess, and we’re gonna pay our current players. We’re gonna let everything work through — I’m gonna worry about winning football games and we’ll worry about (revenue sharing) in ’25.”  

Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi.

Pittsburgh Panthers head coach Pat Narduzzi October 8, 2022 David Hague/PSN

It’s the end of the NCAA’s amateurism model, as student-athletes will now be directly compensated by their respective schools, but it doesn’t stop there. The long-term impact will include scholarship and roster changes and a new way NIL will be implemented.

The NCAA, in conjunction with the four Power commissioners (plus the Pac-12), released a statement last month.

“The five autonomy conferences and the NCAA agreeing to settlement terms is an important step in the continuing reform of college sports that will provide benefits to student-athletes and provide clarity in college athletics across all divisions for years to come. This settlement is also a road map for college sports leaders and Congress to ensure this uniquely American institution can continue to provide unmatched opportunity for millions of students. All of Division I made today’s progress possible, and we all have work to do to implement the terms of the agreement as the legal process continues. We look forward to working with our various student-athlete leadership groups to write the next chapter of college sports.”

Pitt, like every program in college athletics, has had to adjust to NIL and its consequences. The university has bought into Alliance 412, the preferred NIL collective, and there’s even a team-wide NIL deal for the football team — with the major football and basketball stars inking individual deals.

Narduzzi is an old-school kind of coach, one who still values the interpersonal aspect of coaching, going as far as to take issue with how Colorado head coach Deion Sanders used the portal to completely overhaul the Buffaloes’ roster, and he wants to bring in football players who love the game. If NIL is the topic of conversation, Narduzzi will look in a different direction.

“Because you know what? We gotta deal with it now and we’ve maybe made that mistake in the past,” Narduzzi said in December. “If you’re talking about it so much now, guess what? In a year, we’re gonna be talking about it. And then after spring ball, ‘I want to talk about it again,’ I don’t really want to talk about it.

“We want guys that want to play the game of football, learn, develop and make generational wealth in three or four years when they end up in the NFL like Brian O’Neill and Avontae Maddox and Damar Hamlin and Dane Jackson and Aaron Donald, all those guys.”

But even if Narduzzi prefers that old-school approach, playing for the love of the game and a chance at the next level, it’s not that simple anymore. It’s essential to have an active, influential NIL collective, as evidenced by the way Pitt has promoted Alliance 412, and it’s essential to use the transfer portal, too.

But even then, Narduzzi still tries to stay as far away from NIL discussions as he possibly can.

“You know what? The great thing is, I have no discussion,” Narduzzi said in December. “I have zero discussion on NIL because I let other people take care of that. I’m a football coach, like coach (Mike) Tomlin and coach (Bill) Belichick, I wanna coach football. I’m not talking contracts, and our kids know that, our recruits know that, our signees know that and that’s the way it is.”

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Kelvin Byrd
Kelvin Byrd
18 days ago

And yet, when we look back in 10 years, most of these kids will not have their degree and many will be broke-asses.

And who will they blame? The schools and athletic departments.

18 days ago
Reply to  Kelvin Byrd

Why won’t they blame themselves?

Kelvin Byrd
Kelvin Byrd
18 days ago
Reply to  Menotyou

Haven’t you been watching? It never about self discipline or anything remotely like that. It’s ALWAYS someone else FAU for these athletes failures.

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