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Campus Reaction To Saturday’s Pitt Victory




Editor’s note: Following Pitt’s thrilling 42-39 victory over Penn State, we decided to ask fans about what the win meant to them — and who better to ask than Pitt students themselves?  Our special campus correspondent, Pitt sophomore Emily Yarish, was on the scene to get the student reaction to Saturday’s big rivalry win.

This weekend was a historic win for the Pittsburgh Panthers. They topped Penn State in a thrilling 42-39 victory. The atmosphere at the game was beyond incredible, and it was exciting to watch the Panthers beat Penn State for the first time in 16 years. I caught up with a few students on campus to hear their thoughts on the big game. It’s no question that, at least to the eyes of myself and the majority of the Pitt student body, this is absolutely a rivalry.

What was the atmosphere like at the game, versus late-night on campus?

“I saw a very similar atmosphere both during and after the game… A lot of Pitt fans excited about beating the rival Penn State. The best thing I saw at night was a house in South Oakland playing ‘Sweet Caroline’ and everybody at and around the house was singing along.”

– Patrick, sophomore

What does this win mean to you?

“I think it’s more validation that Pitt is outstanding both academically and athletically. It was great to see us all band together, and we let the world see what we had to offer on the field. It was a wonderful day to be a Panther.”

– Diana, junior

What was your reaction when you heard we beat Penn State?

“Beating Penn State is huge. I’ve heard about the rivalry for years even though I’ve lived in Maryland all my life. For me to finally experience it in my last year here at Pitt is unreal. To forever remember it as a win makes it even better.”

– Kevin, senior (unable to attend)

What was your experience like riding the band bus on the way home?

“There was so much joy, pride, and utter happiness that just radiated through everyone. On the way home, we just couldn’t stop smiling because we knew what we witnessed and what we experienced was going to make history, and being a big part of the process is truly an honor.”

– Lauren, sophomore (band)

What was the atmosphere like in Oakland at night after the big win?

“Wild! It was pouring outside at one point and I don’t think people cared as much because we were all so elated. The feeling hasn’t really worn off yet.”

– Chantelle, junior (Panther Pitt leader)

Where did you sit during the game? What were your emotions, and those of the students around you, as you saw the zeroes on the clock at the end of the game?

“I sat in the lower level, 125 to be exact, in the third row. It was an amazing and exciting feeling at the end because there was so much hype leading up to the game, knowing how big of a deal this rivalry was. You felt like you were part of a big family being around everyone celebrating!”

– Mackenzie, freshman

// Featured image: Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh by Flickr user gam9551 | CC BY-ND 2.0 

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