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Beating Clemson A Program Changing Win For Pitt

Patience is something that’s hard for fans to have when they’re team hasn’t won a lot in the last 25+ years.

Fans get sick of hearing about players need time to develop, coach needs to bring in his own recruits, they’ve been in all of the games, etc.

That’s all hard to hear but at the same time, it’s all true.

Hopefully after today’s stunning win over #2 Clemson, fans will see the big picture and it’s clear to them that Pat Narduzzi has this Pitt football program in a very good place and it’s only going to get better.

Trust me, you don’t beat a team like Clemson on the road unless you have good players. Narduzzi has some good players, just not enough. Yet!

I can’t say enough about the performance today from upper classman like Nate Peterman, Scott Orndoff, James Conner, etc. Wow. They all played with onions today.

Narduzzi brought in a really good recruiting class last year and fortunately has only had to use four of those players this year. Slowly but surely players from his initial recruiting class are finding their way on the field like Saleem Brightwell, who made a game-changing interception today.

Next year, you’ll be seeing players like Henry Miller, Theran Coleman, Rashad Weaver, Keyshon Camp, Amir Watts, Elias Reynolds, Kaezon Pugh, Chase Pine, Ruben Flowers, Bricen Garner, Thomas MacVittie, etc. get on the field and become impact players.

This year’s class also has players that could get on the field soon like Charles Reeves, Todd Sibley, Paris Ford and Cam Bright.

The other thing that today does is show recruits that are interested in Pitt that this team is no joke and that they’re on the rise. I’m sure tons of kids were watching this historic win on ABC. That’s the big benefit of playing on national TV.

Wonder if a certain player from Clairton was tuning in?

Hopefully this will end the talk of Narduzzi not winning a big game. That ends immediately. He hasn’t even finished his second season has head coach and now owns a win over the #2 team in the country and a win over the program’s biggest rival, who is currently the #10 team in the country.

I believe today will go down as the turning point in the Pat Narduzzi era here at Pitt. Pitt fans remember the day of November 12, 2016.


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5 Comments on "Beating Clemson A Program Changing Win For Pitt"

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Terry OToole

Huge win

Jeff R.

I counted them out about six different times in that game. Still can’t believe they pulled it off.

Lu Bair

Great article im in tears and i have believed all year that the psu game and a game like this would sooner than later. That certain player from Clariton and his best bud both need to come Pitt where they will be cherished rewarded with playing and undoubably help bring Pitt to a National Championship team with all the others you mentioned plus more. PITT PANTHER PROUD

Dr 412
I also counted them out many times. It was amazing to see how they ALL came together. What a GREAT coach, taking the pressure off Blewitt earlier in the game by giving him a kiss after he really screwed up!!! It’s one thing to win at a program already at the top, it’s another wining with your best friends at your home town program! Be a SUPERSTAR at home or just another cog in the wheel after sitting the bench for awhile. Ask Foster (Alabama), Hudson (Michigan), and on and on. Or stay home at PITT, start right away, be… Read more »

Great, great win for the Panthers. Horrible, horrible officiating….on both sides. I have no idea how a CB is supposed to play football these days.

Hail to Pitt…

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