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Florida’s Nikolas Ognenovic Facing a Tough Decision



Courtesy of Nikolas Ognenovic

Fort Lauderdale, Florida tight end Nikolas Ognenovic is only 17 years old but is facing an adult decision.

This isn’t just any decision. It’s one that could impact the rest of his life and that’s why he’s taking his time.

Where will Ognenovic spend the next four years of his life: Pittsburgh or Kentucky?

The big tight end has made official visits to both schools and now he’s doing a lot of thinking.

Pittsburgh Sports Now caught up with Ognenovic yesterday and first talked to him about his official visit.

“I knew the visit was going to be good but it was way better than I expected,” said Ognenovic. “I think it was very important that Pitt had all the players from Florida visit together was important. It obviously was successful because four of the kids committed. I was able to hang out with those guys and meet the coaches and find out about Pitt together.”

Courtesy of Niklolas Ognenovic

Pitt wants to add one more tight end in this class and like it’s been from the start, Ognenovic is their top target.

“Pitt needs a receiving tight end and an all-around tight end to do both jobs. If they want to go deep down the field on a corner or a post, they said they need a receiving tight end like me and that I’m a high priority for them.”

Since the run on commitments, Pitt fans and even the recent commitments have been tweeting Ognenovic telling him they want him to be next. All this attention has been impossible for him not to notice.

“All this love from the Pitt fans and even the players is an awesome feeling and really special.”

Courtesy of Nikolas Ognenovic

All this attention makes it even more difficult for Ognenovic to make a decision but he knows he’s eventually going to have to pick either Pitt or Kentucky.

“This is really difficult because I know that both teams are showing me a lot of love and I’m a high priority for both schools,” said Ognenovic. “My parents aren’t trying to pull me in any direction they’re pointing things out and different features and advantages for both places stuff like that. At times I’ve asked them what do you think and they tell me we’re not going to say anything because you might lean toward what we say and we want you to make your own decision.”

“I’m just 17 and this is difficult and something I think about a lot. However, I look at this as being a blessing because either way I know it’ll be a good decision and I can’t make a wrong decision.”

Ognenovic tells PSN that he will make a decision sometime in July.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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