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Tyler Boyd Surprises Mother With Special Gift



Former Pitt WR Tyler Boyd (Photo credit: Mike Vukovcan)

Tyler Boyd had a breakout 2018 season and showed people in the NFL the special skills that led him to be a second-round pick.

Today, Boyd displayed a special act of kindness towards his mother, Tonya Payne, that she’s become accustomed to from her son.

During the off-season, Boyd signed a 4-year, $43 million extension with the Cincinnati Bengals and today he spent some of that money on his mother.

This morning, Payne had a special gift delivered to her home in Pittsburgh: a 2019 Range Rover.

Obviously, Payne was very emotional about her son’s act of kindness when she spoke to Pittsburgh Sports Now. 

“Tyler knows that I’m not a flashy person,” said Payne. “I knew that he was sending a car because he kept saying what’s your favorite color, so I knew a car was coming but I wasn’t sure what it was and how it would look.”


”So when the truck pulled up, I happened to see it pull up along side my house, I was thinking what was that. Then, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I went outside and saw that their was another car enclosed on the truck. After he took it down, I saw the back of it and it was just emotional. It’s just constant reminder that my son fulfilled his dream and it’s just so awesome that he’s so giving to the ones that he’s appreciative of the most.”

The brand and price of this gift was irrelevant to Payne. What mattered to her most was the kindness once again displayed to her by her son, something he’s done since getting drafted by the Bengals in 2016.

”He bought me a house with his first contract,” said Payne. “You work so hard to make sure that you can try and provide the best life possible for your kids and when you’re doing it as one parent, serving as two parents, the things that he’s done just lets me know that not only does he appreciate me as his mother, but, everything I’ve done for him and his brother growing up.

”It’s always just been the three of us, we’ve always been tight knit with each other. Every year he’ll say mom what do you want for Christmas or Mother’s Day and I always say I don’t really need anything because you’ve already given me more than I possibly could’ve imagined.”

Payne is now anxious to watch her son play this year, as he’s been put in the role of the Bengals top receiver until All-Pro A.J. Green returns from injury.

“He’s definitely ready for this opportunity,” Payne said. “Tyler is a football and his goal has always been to do the best job possible for his team. He has an opportunity now to shine a little bit in the same nature that A.J. would. He’s ready for this and the season to start and to be a playmaker for his teammates.”

Boyd and the Bengals will come to Pittsburgh for a Monday night game during Week 4, on Sept. 30.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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