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In-Depth Look at Pitt’s Class of 2021 as Signing Day Approaches



One month from today, high school football players across the country will make their verbal commitments official by signing their Letters of Intent.

This means it’s the fourth quarter for college coaching staffs in terms of recruiting, as they look to make sure that players that have already given them a verbal stick with it and also will look to finish out their Class of 2021 by adding late commitments.

Pat Narduzzi currently has 20 verbal commitments, with three of those being graded as 4-star recruits. Here is a more in-depth look at Pitt’s current Class of 2021 and what could be coming up one month from now on National Signing Day and beyond.


If you buy stock in the national recruiting services, this will be Pat Narduzzi’s best class of players since getting hired at Pitt. With their 20 commitments, Rivals has them ranked #22, which is a big improvement over the last couple of seasons. At this point, Pitt’s class is ranked higher than programs such as Virginia (#24), Auburn (#28), Iowa (#31), Michigan State (#32), Florida State (#33), Penn State (#38), West Virginia (#40), South Carolina (#49) and Oklahoma State (#52).

In terms of where they sit in the ACC, only Clemson (#11), Miami (#12), North Carolina (#16) and Louisville (#19) rank higher than Pitt. No doubt that the additions of Archie Collins and Chris Beatty to the coaching staff has improved the commitments they’ve received.

Ranking Pitt’s Recruiting Classes (Rivals)

This Season: 22nd
Class of 2020:  44th
Class of 2019:  49th
Class of 2018:  36th


The Pitt coaches have put together a pretty balanced class in terms of position players, which gives them the opportunity to use their available scholarships on who they deem to be the best player and aren’t forced to hunt for a player at a certain position. Of Pitt’s 20 commitments, 11 are offensive players and nine are on the defensive side of the ball.

Offensive Lineman (4): 3-star OT Terrence Rankl, 3-star OG Marco Fugar, 3-star OT Terrence Enos, 3-star OT Brandon Honorable

Tight Ends (2): 3-star Jake Renda, 3-star Trey Anderson

Wide Receivers (2): 3-star Jaden Bradley, 3-star Myles Alston

Running Backs (2): 3-star Malik Newton, 3-star Rodney Hammond

Quarterback (1): 3-star Nate Yarnell

Defensive Ends (1): 4-star Nahki Johnson

Defensive Tackles (2): 4-star Elliot Donald, 3-star Dorien Ford

Linebackers (2): 3-star Derrveron Maxwell-Black, 3-star Preston Lavant

Defensive Backs (4): 3-star Stephon Hall, 4-star Khalil Anderson, 3-star Noah Biglow, 3-star Javon McIntyre


With Signing Day fast approaching and that decision out of the way, the next thing that these players must decide is when do they plan on enrolling. The option of enrolling early and arriving at school at the start of January is becoming very popular and it’s a route that many of Pitt’s commitments plan on taking advantage of.

Pittsburgh Sports Now has reached out to all 20 of Pitt’s verbal commitments and here’s what they told us.

Nate Yarnell: Will be signing in December and will be enrolling early. “I’m so excited to get up to Pitt soon and can’t wait to get going up there.”

Brandon Honorable: Will be signing in December. “I’m still deciding if I want to enroll early or not. Pitt is a good school that will take care of you and treats you like family. Coach Collins and Coach Borbely check up on me like every two days or so. I just can’t wait to get on campus.”

Stephon Hall: Will be signing in December and not sure when he will enroll.

Myles Alston: Will be signing in December and will be enrolling early. “From the day I’ve committed to Pitt until now, my feelings have only grown stronger about my commitment. I have no doubt in my mind that this is where I’m supposed to be. Pitt is home for me.”

Khalil Anderson: I’m probably signing in February but I’m not totally sure yet. I’m not early enrolling and I am still committed to Pitt.”

Terrence Enos: Will be signing in December and will be enrolling early.

Noah Biglow: Will be signing in December and will not be enrolling early.

Jake Renda: Will be signing in December and will be enrolling early. “I’m all in for this program and I can’t wait to get to Pittsburgh and get to work.”

Trey Anderson: Will be signing in December and will be enrolling early. “I’m super excited, I don’t think words can really describe how excited I am to get back into the football groove of things, being able to work out and being a part of a team again in the locker room. I’m just excited about the whole process.”

Nahki Johnson: Will be signing in December and will be enrolling early. “I have a lot of trust in the coaches at Pitt and I want to get up there as soon as I can to start working.”

Javon McIntyre: Will be signing in December and will not be enrolling early. “I’ll be down in the summer and I’m 1000% committed.”

Jaden Bradley: Will be signing in December and his doesn’t permit student to graduate early. “As soon as I graduate, I will be up there.”

Malik Newton: Will be signing in December and will be enrolling early.


Pitt can still use a maximum of 5 more scholarships. As far as what positions they could use them on, I believe will look to add one more player to the offensive line. If they don’t, Trey Anderson is someone that can be moved to offensive tackle and then Pitt could attempt to sign another tight end. I believe Pitt is done at running back and quarterback but depending on the player, could look to add another wide receiver. On defense, I think they’re set at linebacker but will take one more defensive lineman as well as a defensive back.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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Bob Barbour
Bob Barbour
2 years ago

Sounds like Khalil Anderson might be having second thoughts on Pitt.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob Barbour

Not sure where you heard this, maybe the PSU site, but I heard he’s a LOCK! H2P!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Kevin

No I haven’t heard anything but He is starting to be heavily recruited now and almost everyone else is signing in December but him. I think if he was 100 percent committed he would sign in December even if he didn’t want to be an early enrollee.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob

I hope he stays because I think he will be really good

Justin Dietrich
Justin Dietrich
2 years ago
Reply to  Kevin

He’s no lock. He’s been getting more and more attention over the past weeks/months. If he were a lock, he’d be signing in December. I’d put good money on him signing elsewhere… probably somewhere a little closer to home.

Clark Martineau
Clark Martineau
2 years ago

Great to hear all the football news, but basketball starts in 5 days. What’s happening there?

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