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ACC Contemplates the End of Divisions, Loosened ACC Championship Requirements



If the ACC’s plans go according to plan, receiving the expected feedback when it comes to the current TV deal, the Atlantic and Coastal divisions could become a thing of the past.

Miami athletic director Dan Radakovich said that the ACC scheduling model has been discussed at the ACC spring meetings, ESPN’s David Hale reported. With the elimination of divisions, the ACC is looking intently at 3-3-5 pod scheduling that still needs to be run past ESPN.

The 3-3-5 pod scheduling would lock ACC teams into an annual game against three conference opponents, and the remaining five conference matchups would rotate each season.

In such a scenario, the scheduling flexibility in the ACC would improve drastically — as schools that only play once every seven seasons despite geographical compatibility (Duke and North Carolina State) and long lost rivals that aren’t often scheduled on the same field — with a pod-style schedule. Which appears to be trending closer and closer.

So, while there are a lot of possibilities for the fixed schedules, Pitt could be looking at a threesome of Miami, Louisville and Virginia Tech, it could also include schools like Syracuse, Virginia or Boston College.

Additionally, The Athletic’s Chris Vannini reported that the NCAA Oversight Committee has recommended removing requirements for a conference’s championship game.

With conference championship game requirements eliminated, allowing conferences to select their own requirements, and the elimination of divisions, the ACC — and all other conferences — could simply pit the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the conference in the title game.

Without a Coastal vs. Atlantic matchup, the ACC’s College Football Playoff path will be even stronger than before, with two strong contenders facing off in what should be two highly ranked ACC teams. It eliminates the potential for a weak coastal opponent in the ACC’s biggest game of the year and allows further diversity in scheduling.

With sweeping in-conference changes expected across college football, the actual change itself could come into effect as early as the 2023 season. The ACC will announce more information sooner rather than later.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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6 months ago

I must object to the reference of a weak team coming from the Coastal. Last season, the weaker team by far came from the Atlantic. That is the thing with sports, yes, the Atlantic dominated for years when Florida State was good, and with Clemson recently, but it is cyclical. Pitt will be strong, Miami will be very good with their excellent young QB. Both divisions have their share of weak teams. I am just tired of the media shoving it down our gullets that the Coastal is superior. Times change. That being said, I am not against the idea… Read more »

Justin Dietrich
Justin Dietrich
6 months ago
Reply to  bcardy

2018 will overrule your objection. A rematch between Clemson and Syracuse would have been much better than us being there.

6 months ago

It rained that night and was a sloppy mess of a field. Small hands QB did not wear gloves making OC Watson’ offense 1D. Clemson was 15-0 that Year and had extraordinary QB, RB, and Defensive Line play. Syracuse’s out of conference Schedule not quite as demanding as PITT’s that Year (UCF, PSU, Notre Dame*). PITT beat Syracuse heads up, Orangemen lost to Clemson earlier in the Year as you pointed out. If they go without Divisions kick Notre Dame out on other Sports if they won’t participate in Conference in FB. If Athletes are being scorned against for NIL,… Read more »

Justin Dietrich
Justin Dietrich
6 months ago
Reply to  SRS

I’m willing to bet Cuse would have had more than 8 passing yards…


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