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Forrester Impressed by Pitt



“That Pitt wants me really bad.”

That’s the biggest impression that 4-star forward Jake Forrester (Westtown, PA) took from his day long visit to Pitt.

Pittsburgh Sports Now spoke with Forrester following his seven hour day with the Pitt basketball staff.

“Pitt was definitely very passionate with everything they said and very thorough,” said Forrester.

“I could tell that they meant everything single thing they said. The skill development that they said they could put in a player. They showed me proof of it from when Coach was at Vanderbilt, they put five guys in the NBA in five seasons. The proof is in the work. That’s what makes them different to me than other schools.”

Photo courtesy of Jake Forrester

Forrester (6-foot-8, 225 pounds) is a talented player and is ranked by 247 Sports as one of the top 100 junior recruits. Pitt isn’t the only school that wants him but I asked Forrester if he realized prior to the visit how much of a priority he was with Pitt?

“Well, they called a lot, Coach Sutton called and reached out a good bit but in person it was different and really showed. I saw Pitt’s true colors and how bad they really want me,” said Forrester.

As you’d imagine, today Pitt helped their cause with this talented player.

“Oh yeah, 100%.”

Aside from his interaction with the coaches, I asked Forrester about his thoughts on what he saw in Oakland.

“The campus was really nice and liked the area plus the Peterson Events Center was nice. The facility and basketball area was huge. They also showed me some clips of the fan area and how crazy the fans are and how hyped up they can get. It was just a really nice experience,” said Forrester.

So, what’s next for Forrester?

For the month of July, he’s going to be working on his game in the gym. Then in August, he wants to make some official visits before school starts back up.

Forrester is still deciding on where to make his officials but closed things out by saying.

“Pitt really made a mark on where I should make an official visit at.”

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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