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Sean Miller at University of Arizona Press Conference at McKale Center. By Lance Linn | CC BY-SA 4.0

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Sean Miller Says He’s Not a Candidate for Pitt Job

Sean Miller Says He’s Not a Candidate for Pitt Job

It appears as though the talk of Sean Miller being the next basketball coach at Pitt can end. Miller tweeted out a statement that should end speculation that he could be Pitt’s next head coach.

This statement comes after PSN reported that Miller was interested in the job and also a report by Craig Meyer of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Miller and Pitt athletic director Heather Lyke had discussed the position.

In the meantime, Pitt, UConn and Rhode Island are all in waiting mode to hear from Dan Hurley on where he will coach next season.

While it’s been reported that Hurley might make his decision today, a source tells PSN that he doesn’t expect to hear anything from Hurley until tomorrow.

If Hurley rejects the offer from Pitt, Lyke’s search for a coach would appear to go back to stage one.


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5 Comments on "Sean Miller Says He’s Not a Candidate for Pitt Job"

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Why cant you guys just wait till we hire a damm coach these non stop reports are getting ridiculous by the way how does the football team doing this spring

PGH Sports Now

We can’t ignore information that’s coming out. There will be plenty of time for football.


What if……Miller had interest in the job and WE said we had no interest in him…..could that really be the case?


Did Heather fire a coach and not have at least one candidate available??? Maybe she will crawl on her belly and plead for Stallings to keep his job.

PGH Sports Now

Well it looks like they had a top target, which is why he got a 3+ million dollar offer. Whether he accepts…

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