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PSN Poll: Do You Have A Problem With Narduzzi’s Comments on Matt Canada?



Pat Narduzzi was the center of conversation on Monday as a video was revealed of comments he made about a former assistant that some found out of line.

While speaking at a Nike Football Coaches Clinic, Narduzzi spoke about former offensive coordinator Matt Canada leaving Pitt for LSU over $500,000. Pitt offered Canada $1 million to stay but he instead accepted the $1.5 million offer from LSU.

During this gathering of coaches, Narduzzi questioned Canada’s decision and whether he was worth that type of money despite Pitt averaging a team record 40 points per game.

Our PSN Poll Question is do you believe Narduzzi was out of line for making these comments in a public setting?

Was Narduzzi out of line with his comments?

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Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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3 years ago

Cut me a break… he didn’t even mention Canada’s name. And he was making a key point to young coaches and used this example… don’t just jump jobs all the time. It might not workout for you.

3 years ago

Narduzzi was correct about Canada. He didn’t even last a year at LSU and I think that speaks volumes that he left Pitt to go to LSU for the money and didn’t even last a year over there either. As for Pitt averaging 40 points under Canada, that had alot to do with the QB just turning around and handing the ball off to two 1,000 yard rushers. Pitt doesn’t have that kind of RB tandem now so the offense has to change. Let’s see how long Canada last with the Steelers.

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