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Who Committed to Pitt Last Night?

Who Committed to Pitt Last Night?

UPDATE: It was revealed today that the commitment in question was that of defensive tackle Tyler Bentley, who we spoke to after he made his announcement.

In the second half of the Steelers/Ravens Game last night, Pat Narduzzi sent out something Pitt fans haven’t seen in awhile.

The question now is who’s committed to Pitt?

The logical guess is that it’s one of the four big names that we’ve heard a lot about in the last couple of weeks: Shocky Jaques-Louis, Jatavious Harris, Jeshaun Jones or Tyler Bentley.

Here’s what we can tell you. Since the “Pat Signal” was issued, PSN contacted all four of the aforementioned players. Three of them returned my message and said that they weren’t the commitment. I hope to hear back from the fourth player this morning.

Here’s two other things to consider. 1) This commitment might not be any of these four and could be one of the many secondary players that Pitt has been recruiting. 2) It could be one of the players that I contacted and they just don’t want their decision to be made public yet. Remember, three of these players have ceremonies set up for National Signing Day and making their decision public now would ruin their ceremony. They could have just let Pat Narduzzi know their decision in order to help out with future recruiting.

My guess is that if we don’t learn of the commitment today, it could be kept quiet until around Signing Day.

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Other Pitt blogs have been suggesting that the Pat Signal was for Bentley. My guess is that’s the most likely case.


Isn’t Who a first baseman.

Pitt Fan in SE MI
Pitt Fan in SE MI

Based on the HCPN GA to PA tweet Saturday night and reading on PSN that Bentley was 50/50 between Pitt & Louisville, I’ll guess that WR Jatavoius Harris willl be the commit.

Regardless of who announces their commitment when, let’s get both of these guys on the 2018 roster!

Pitt Fan in SE MI
Pitt Fan in SE MI

I now see that it was Bentley that committed; The interior d-line should be stout (but not Stoudt) for the next 4-5 years.

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