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Christian Mahogany Talks About Final Visit with Pitt Coaching Staff



Over the last handful of days, New Jersey OT Christian Mahogany has spent a bunch of time around the Pitt football coaches.

Mahogany made his official visit over the weekend and then today, he received a visit from Pat Narduzzi, Dave Borbely and Tim Salem.

Today was Pitt’s last chance to see him prior to his expected decision date on Dec. 19.

This afternoon, Pittsburgh Sports Now talked with Mahogany about his weekend in Pittsburgh and today’s visit from the coaches.

“The official visit was an amazing experience,” said Mahogany. “Something I’ve never experienced before. I went into the visit with medium expectations but the weekend blew my mind away.”

What about the visit most impressed him?

“The most surprising thing was when they brought the academic advisor to see me. We had an academic meeting on Friday and then I saw him again at breakfast on Saturday. He really explained things to me and how the program (business) went and where they rank in the country educational-wise.”

Courtesy of Christian Mahogany

Mahogany said that he left the visit feeling really wanted by the Pitt staff. As far as Wednesday’s visit from the Pitt coaches, it wasn’t a last-ditch recruiting pitch by Pitt, it was more of a personal visit and another step in strengthening their relationship.

“One of my administrators who was actually a football coach, was a tight end at Virginia when Coach Borbely was coaching there,” said Mahogany. “I told [him] yesterday that Coach Borbs was the offensive line coach and he said, ‘Get out of here.’ He also told me a lot of good things about him and said, ‘The Coach Borbely you saw today is the same guy you’ll see all four years if you go there.’”

One thing is certain, the relationship between the two sides is strong and Pitt would be a place that Mahogany would feel comfortable attending.

“It’s a really good relationship right now,” he said. “My mom actually came out of the official visit very shocked and excited. She said maybe this can be your home and I’d feel comfortable with whatever you choose.”

At the end of the interview, Mahogany mentioned one interesting thing and something to keep an eye on.

“I’m excited that the process is coming to an end, although I’m starting to get movement from a couple colleges that I won’t name. I’ve seen heavy movement from them and they’re trying to get me to push back my decision. I haven’t spoken to my mom about it but as of today, I’m going to commit on the 19th.”

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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