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Pat Narduzzi Breaks Down Pitt’s Class of 2021



As he does every year, Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi broke down his recruiting Class of 2021 player-by-player after all 21 had signed with Pitt on Wednesday.

Here’s what Narduzzi had to say about his team’s newest members:

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QB Nate Yarnell, Lake Travis High School, Austin, Texas

6-foot-6, 190 pounds

“Did not play in his senior year. He hurt just the tip of his finger and struggled with it all year. He could have probably played in the last game of the season here last weekend. The coaches chose to not play him in that game, and Tommy Mangino is the quarterback coach over there. Obviously, his dad is ‘The Big’ Mangino, [Mark Mangino], the old Kansas coach, and coached with my dad at Youngstown State. So we had really good in with Tommy, who was his quarterback coach and just absolutely loves him there”

RB Malik Newton, Lake Taylor High School, Norfolk, Virginia

5-foot-11, 225 pounds

“Big, physical, punishing running back that I don’t think our defense in the spring is going to enjoy trying to tackle this guy. He is a physical guy. We’re looking forward to getting him here.”

RB Rodney Hammon, Booker T. Washington High School, Norfolk, Virginia

5-foot-9, 175 pounds

“Another one of those Chris Beatty recruits. He’s not as big as Malik, but’s he’s a guy that will make you miss. So we have got really a dual threat in the backfield there.”

WR Myles Alston, Ocean Lakes High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia

6-foot-1, 185 pounds

“Just kind of a speedster on the edge. I think he can play anywhere inside or outside, but will give us vertical stretch on the outside. Again, did not play his senior year, as well as Malik, Rodney and Myles from that Virginia area, did not play in a senior year because football was canceled down there. But they did participate in seven-on-sevens down there and really were all in the same league. So I think they had a blast, at least being in seven-on-seven. They couldn’t play a football season but were able to play in a seven-on-seven.”

WR Jaden Bradley, DeMatha Catholic High School, Hyattsville, Maryland

6-foot-3, 190 pounds

“Bradley, a kid from Baltimore, Maryland, played for Coach [Bill] McGregor over at DeMatha Catholic, one of the top high schools in the state of Maryland over there in [Prince George’s] County. And Jaden is a super kid that we’re excited to get, and another guy that did not play his senior year. He thought about transferring to about three different high schools. I’m kind of proud that he stuck with DeMatha regardless of having a season or not. He’ll get his degree from DeMatha.”

TE Gavin Bartholomew, Blue Mountain High School, Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

6-foot-4, 255 pounds

“This guy plays everything. When you watch his tape, he’s a quarterback. In his senior year, I think he started last five games there. He plays it all: defensive end, receiver, punter. He does it all. He’s versatile point-of-attack tight end. And when I first got on the phone with him, it’s like he’s a 25-year-old tight end. I mean, he’s got a big old beard. And he’ll be here mid-year as well. So we’re really excited to get both of our tight ends mid-year. That’s going to give them a great advantage to help us in our run game as well as the pass game, but the much-needed run game, which, as you guys know, it’s hard to have a different kind of style run game when you don’t have any tight ends. That’s kind of where we were most of the year when Lucas Krull went down.”

TE Jake Renda, IMG Academy, Princeton, New Jersey

6-foot-4, 255 pounds

“He’s from Princeton, New Jersey but ended up being at IMG down in Florida, and just a super, super kid. He’s got a ton of football reps, again, was a former quarterback for three years in high school, went to IMG. He’s got a ton of Pittsburgh roots in his family, so his family is excited to be here. We ended up flipping him from Michigan State and we’re excited to have two excellent, excellent tight ends in our class.”

OL Terrence Rankl, Washington High School, Massillon, Ohio

6-foot-4, 275 pounds

“Probably one of the leaders of the class, leaders of his football team. I think in his years there they’re 38-4 overall. He’s a smart, smart offensive lineman that can play, really, three different positions up front. He can be a guard, tackle or center, so he’s very multiple. And obviously from Massillon High School and Coach Nate Moore over there, so we appreciate Coach Moore in helping us land Terrence.”

OL Kyle Fugedi, Franklin High School, Livonia, Michigan

6-foot-6, 270 pounds

“A late guy in the process, who you watch on tape and you just absolutely loved. … Came to campus during this dead period, I guess if you want to call it, and was able to go around and just absolutely loved it. De-committed from Miami (Ohio.) Waited a week to think about it and then committed to us. We’re excited to have him. He’s a guy that can play inside or outside. He was a hockey player through his high school career, so we know he’s a big, physical guy and good on his feet.”

OL Terrence Enos Jr., Cass Technical High School, Detroit

6-foot-6, 270 pounds

“Just an enormous — large is probably not the word — physical mauling-type offensive lineman that just moves an entire defensive line by himself. He’s from Cass Tech High School up in Michigan, and Coach [Thomas] Wilcher is up there, a good friend of mine through all the years that I spent up there. We’re fired up to have Terrence here as well.”

OL Trey Andersen, Lehi High School, Eagle Mountain, Utah

6-foot-6, 255 pounds

“I know some people say he’s a tight end out there in the Rivals or rankings or whatever, but we recruited him as an offensive lineman. Maybe he can sprinkle in there and help us kind of like a Grant Carrigan has in the past. But he’s a big athlete. His dad played in the NFL. He was on a mission for the last two years, so he’ll be a little bit older. He won’t be just a 17- or 18-year-old high school player coming in. Very mature and we’re excited about having him and his family out here.

“He, again, came out on his own. They went to a Steelers game, probably you guys saw on Twitter. Again, we had no contact with him while he was here. As a matter of fact, I knew he was here and I didn’t know he was going to the Steelers game, but his dad got hooked up there and what a great opportunity when you visit Pittsburgh to be able to go to the Steelers game.”

DT Elliot Donald, Central Catholic High School, Pittsburgh

6-foot-2, 255 pounds

“You guys know the Donald name, but this is Elliot. And Elliot’s going to pave his own way here at Pitt. Obviously did not play for Central Catholic this year because of COVID-related issues, really worried about getting his family sick, his grandfather, which all is understandable, and we really respect that decision and the heart that he’s got there for his family.

“But, again, probably the strongest guy on our football team to this point as far as in this class, just knowing what you know. Talked to him early this morning. He’s getting ready to go over to his grandpa’s house and get another lift in the basement, so I told him I wanted some video. Strong, powerful, explosive guy inside. He’s gotten a lot bigger since his junior year at Central Catholic.”

DT Dorien Ford, Baldwin High School, Pittsburgh

6-foot-2, 255 pounds

“Another enormous interior guy that is going to occupy a lot of space in there and plug up gaps, from Baldwin High School, 6-foot-4, 295 pounds, probably. Just a super kid, enjoyed recruiting him and we’re fired up that he chose Pittsburgh.”

DE Nahki Johnson, West Mifflin High School, Homestead, Pennsylvania

6-foot-2, 215 pounds

“An explosive, athletic, edge rushing-type guy that we like to put pressure on the quarterback. It starts with a guy like him. Again, he’s probably 235 pounds right now and getting bigger. He was a little bit banged up in his senior year. I think they only played about four games. We saw him a year ago. I watched him play basketball. We’re excited to have him with us.”

DE Naquan Brown, Ocean Lakes High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia

6-foot-3, 205 pounds

“Another Virginia Beach, Virginia high school player [that] played in 7-on-7s, Ocean Lakes High School, Myles Alston’s teammate. Coach Beatty stayed on him for a long time. Originally committed to LSU, as you all know, and just a really versatile athlete. I think he could be a linebacker. He’s another edge rusher. He’s probably about 215 pounds, but once he gets on four square meals a day, he’s going to blow up and get big and explosive. I think he’s got extreme athletic ability.”

LB Preston Lavant, Crisp County High School, Cordele, Georgia

6-foot-2, 200 pounds

“A downhill, physical tackle machine is really what I think he is. He’s physical. He’ll put his face on you. From Georgia, from Crisp County High School. So we’re excited to have Preston with us. Again, one of those guys I told you earlier, had never been on campus, so I can’t wait to get him up here. I’m going to personally give him a tour here.”

CB Khalil Anderson, Riverwood Int’l Charter School, Atlanta

5-foot-11, 170 pounds

“I think he can play at all four different spots in the secondary. This guy, he’s a ball hawk. He goes after the ball. He’s a return specialist. His dad is an NFL official and has got a relationship with Mike Tomlin, so something kind of a little bit special on that end because they obviously see each other on the field, just like I know some of the ACC officials. Really, really just a super football player. Wish he was coming mid-year, but we’ll have to wait on him. …

“He did come on campus. I think it was in training camp when he was here, so we were practicing and he’s on campus with his mom and dad, and kind of made a tour through some of the northern schools here. I won’t mention where, but he took his visits, and after that visit, probably about a week and a half later is when he committed to us. So we’re excited it to get him signed this morning.”

CB Noah Biglow, Armwood High School, Wesley Chapel, Florida

5-foot-11, 170 pounds

“A guy who has not been on campus, from Wesley Chapel, Florida, Armwood-Tampa area, Armwood High School. Really a nice size corner that loves to play man-to-man. He’s got great hips and uses his hands well on defense. So with what we do on defense, both those guys really can do some great things at corner for us.”

CB Tamarion Crumpley, Winton Woods High School, Cincinnati

6-foot-1, 185 pounds

“Rangy 6-foot-1, 185-pound cornerback that will hit you. Originally was committed to Minnesota and we have been on him all season. Played for Winton Woods High School down in Cincinnati, Ohio area, led them to a 9-1 record. They played a lot of football there in Ohio this year. And we’re excited to get him in Pittsburgh.”

S Stephon Hall, Central Valley High School, Monaca, Pennsylvania

6-foot-1, 170 pounds

“I’m hoping he’s like a Jordan Whitehead. He will hit you like a Jordan Whitehead. Very physical. He will run through you. He’s not going to just tackle you. He’s not going to just wrap you up. He will run through you. So we love what Coach [Mark] Lyons has produced over there in the high school and we’re excited to have Steph in our program.”

S Javon McIntyre, Imhotep Charter School, Bear, Delaware

6-foot, 190 pounds

“They did not play this season at Imhotep, so he’s just been lifting and running and getting ready. And this entire class and family have been through a lot as we all have, so we’re excited to get some stability and bring this class here to Pittsburgh and continue to recruit them and love them up and coach them.”

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Justin Dietrich
Justin Dietrich
3 years ago

Sounds like we recruited a couple future Piesman Trophy candidates

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