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Huge Day Today For March Madness Bubble Teams; Updated NET Rankings and Ken Pom Ratings



Today is the last Saturday of the 2023-24 college basketball season, which means it’s a pretty big day for teams on the March Madness Bubble.

One of those teams obviously are the Pitt Panthers, who to their credit, have stayed in the mix all season despite the times looked like they were falling apart.

The objective remains the same for Jeff Capel’s team: WIN because that’s truly all they can control.

In terms of where they truly stand in the eyes of the NCAA Tournament committee, no one really knows.

But if you go by their metrics (Ken Pom and the NET Rankings) and a couple of the country’s leading bracketologists, Pitt appears to be in good shape heading into the next couple of weeks. If the Panthers can win tonight and at least one game in the ACC Tournament, you’d think they’d have a legitimate chance, although nothing is guaranteed.

However, it all starts with beating NC State, which would improve their record to 21-10 overall, 12-8 in ACC, which would be at least tied for 4th place.

In the eyes of Mike DeCourcy (Fox Sports/The Sporting News) and Jerry Palm, Pitt is one of the First Four Teams out. However, ESPN’s Joe Lunardi still isn’t buying into Pitt as he continues to list them with the Next Four Out. If that truly is the case, Pitt could be in trouble. If the tournament committee sees things like DeCourcy and Palm, Pitt is in good shape as long as they win their next two games.

Here is the updated Ken Pom Ratings and NET Rankings heading into today’s action. It would be big for Pitt if they’re somehow able to get up into the 30’s.

35) New Mexico +17.10
36) Colorado State +17.10
37) Oklahoma +16.89
38) Boise State +16.89
39) Florida Atlantic +16.89
40) Nevada +16.87
41) Utah State +15.98
42) Washington State +15.97
43) PITT +15.82
44) Indiana State +15.74
45) Cincinnati +15.47
46) Northwestern +15.41
47) South Carolina +15.27
48) Iowa +15.05
49) Utah +14.55
50) Drake +14.20

35) Texas Tech (rose 1 spot)
36) Colorado State (dropped 1 spot)
37) St. John’s
38) TCU
39) Mississippi State
40) Oklahoma
41) Wake Forest
42) Nebraska
43) PITT
44) Washington State
45) Cincinnati
46) Drake (up 2 spots)
47) South Carolina (dropped 1 spot)
48) Utah (dropped 1 spot)
49) Texas A&M
50) Virginia

It’s a full day of basketball, here is rooting guide if you’re a Pitt fan.

Iowa State vs. Kansas State
Creighton vs. Villanova
South Carolina vs. Mississippi State
Northern Iowa vs. Indiana State
Oregon State vs. Colorado
Bradley vs. Drake
UConn vs. Providence
Georgia Tech vs. Virginia
Utah State vs. New Mexico
Nevada vs. UNLV
Memphis vs. Florida Atlantic
Georgetown vs. St. John’s.
South Florida vs. Tulsa
Central Florida vs. TCU
DePaul vs. Seton Hall



Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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2 months ago

If Pitt wins tonight and their next game – They are IN, no doubt!
Must win tonight first.

Rob Radich
Rob Radich
2 months ago
Reply to  kevin

In the NIT?

Skip white
Skip white
2 months ago
Reply to  Rob Radich

In the asylum? You are always a dick to people that are fans of the team. It must suck to be you.

2 months ago
Reply to  Skip white

That’s why his name is RatDick.

Rob Radich
Rob Radich
2 months ago
Reply to  Giovanni

Clever. Lol. Triggering morons like you is both easy and hilarious. Douche canoe.

Rob Radich
Rob Radich
2 months ago
Reply to  Skip white

oooohhhh. Still living rent free in your head, pussy.

Skip white
Skip white
2 months ago
Reply to  Rob Radich

They won again tonight asshole! You’re the same guy that said the following, they would finish 14-17 this year, their win over Duke would not change the trajectory of their season and they would lose one or two of these remaining 3 games. Boy you were so wrong super genius. Go gag on a cement dildo loser.

Rob Radich
Rob Radich
2 months ago
Reply to  Skip white

Lol. Pussy.
2 months ago

I’ll bet if we just ignore Rob he still won’t go away. Let’s then just harass him alot.

Rob Radich
Rob Radich
2 months ago

Lol. Bite me Howie

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