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Pittsburgh Rappers Wiz Khalifa/Chevy Woods Release Song ‘Oakland Originals’



Pittsburgh rappers Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods released "Oakland Originals" a new Pitt hype song through the Named NIL Collective.

Pittsburgh rappers Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods have released a number of songs celebrating the city they claim and have now dropped a song celebrating Pitt Athletics.

The song ‘Oakland Originals,’ is named after the NIL marketing initiative to help support Pitt athletes. ‘Oakland Originals’ is the first NIL marketing initiative that will help student-athletes navigate NIL and provide athlete entrepreneurial development, content creation and personal branding opportunities — with both personal branding and brand partnerships.

It will provide Pitt student-athletes, from every sport, with the opportunity to build their own personal brand through the Oakland Originals brand — through YouTube shows, clothing brands, etc. — with full NIL support and money-making potential. It also gives Pitt fans, alumni and supporters the chance to donate to the NIL collective.

The song itself is only two minutes long. The first verse features Wiz Khalifa rapping about Pitt greats like DeJuan Blair and LeSean McCoy and showing love to his hometown. The refrain repeats “Bring them to the ‘O’,” which references the former beloved establishment on Pitt’s campus, “The Original Hot Dog,” which closed in 2020.

Chevy Woods references other great Pitt greats like Curtis Martin, Kenny Pickett and Aaron Donald in the second verse. He also shouted out the Oakland Zoo, like Wiz Khalifa did, and referenced Damar Hamlin and Larry Fitzgerald before the song ends on the refrain.

Oakland Originals has already started to expand its reach in terms of raising money for Pitt athletes. They inked a deal with Southern Tier to create the “Fake Slide” pilsner and the football team has its own team-wide NIL deal.

Wiz Khalifa, full name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, is the most successful rapper to ever come out of Pittsburgh. Hailing from the Hazelwood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, he is well known for “Black and Yellow” — his hit song that nods to the city’s sports teams colors, where he also filmed the music video. He has released eight albums since 2006 and numerous mixtapes that made him incredibly popular in the late 2000s-mid 2010s.

Chevy Woods, full name is Kevin Lee Woods, also comes from Hazelwood, is a long-time collaborator with Khalifa and is a member of the Taylor Gang label, which Khalifa started. He has released many mixtapes and extended plays (EPs) that have made him a cult hero for Pittsburgh rap and beyond.

The song may not have the same reach that “Black and Yellow” did, but it’s surely one that Pitt fans will want to hear before they go and watch their team battle it out in any sport.

“Oakland Originals”


(Verse 1) (Wiz Khalifa)

My name is everywhere like DeJuan Blair
If you ain’t a legend, don’t belong here
Catch me in the Panther section where they all cheerin’
Come out to the Oakland Zoo, I’m filling all chairs
You see me I’m spinning down Forbes Ave., I’m getting more bags
Get your phone you better record that, it’s Shady McCoy fast
Been balling since I was young, so my jersey’s at the Pete
They should know just where I’m from, if they don’t then Imma

Bring them to the “O” (O, O, O, O, O)
Bring them to the “O” (O, O, O, O, O)
Bring them to the “O” (O, O, O, O, O)

(Chevy Woods)
Ain’t never been a faker, The “O” is for original
Ain’t never been a faker, The “O” is for original

(Verse 2) (Chevy Woods)
We used to ball and cut cleaner then Curtis Martin, uh
Just switched my jersey like Kenny still hit my target, uh
Push to the paint in your offensive line, I’m Aaron Donald
Giving my all to my craft, it’s like there’s no tomorrow
Captain of the team, blue and gold that’s what I bleed
Legendary just like Larry Fitz, I’m catching everything
Nothing but love, it’s heart’s and three’s like Damar
Breaking records, feel like Tony, til’ my helmet get a star
Welcome to the Zoo, they goin’ crazy in the Pete
Hit the 3 to win the game, now it’s a party in the streets
You already know
Ready, set, let’s go
Lights, camera, action
Let’s put on a show


Those interested in supporting Alliance 412 and the Oakland Originals marketing brand are able to subscribe via a multitude of monthly tier packages that range from $10 a month to $500 a month.

The options include a student tier for $10 a month, a 1976 Society tier for $19.76 a month, a 412 Club tier for $41.20 a month, a Royal tier for $100 a month, a Gold tier for $250 a month and an Alliance Premium tier for $500 a month. Of course, each tier offers its own package of content and opportunities that reflect the monthly price.

Sandy Schall, Coldwell Banker
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